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Cleaning up Media Orphans with the Data Administration tool in Business Central

Did you ever wonder how to delete Media Orphans in Business Central? Even more – did you know that Media Orphans are a real thing – and can consume a great deal of your database capacity?  It is a thing – and you should be aware! Well – here’s a story that made me dive …

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Handling Business Central Telemetry like a boss: my Azure Data Explorer dashboard

You might have seen it, you might haven even been there – but in any case: this year, at BCTechDays, I did a session about “Telemetry”.  And since BCTechDays posts its sessions online (how unique is that!), you can watch the session here: This post is NOT about the session, so I invite you to …

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Days of Knowledge & BCTechDays coming up soon!

I recently realized I forgot to share the amazing conferences happening right now: the “Days of Knowledge” series and BC TechDays. 🤩 I’m a bit ashamed because it’s always such an honor to be part of these events, and the least I can do is help spread the word. But hey, it’s not too late …

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“Generic Charts”.  Forgotten, but not gone …

Do you remember “Generic Charts”?  No?  Don’t worry – I didn’t either. 🤪 Back in the days … For years, we didn’t really pay attention to this feature, but “back in the days”, it was actually quite a nifty thing, where you could easily create a chart based on data of business central, save it …

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Rec.LockTable – Good Practice?  Or Bad Practice?

Sometimes, “best practices” turn into “bad practices”.  And recently, with one of the best new features of Business Central that just fell in our laps (most users probably won’t realize), one good practice became not just unnecessary .. but even a bad practice. When I asked CentralQ.  I got a lot of truth, but also …

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Speed up your automated tests without really doing anything..

Here’s a Christmas present from me for you: a short, but may be fore some people a very liberating post on how to speed up your tests in your pipeline, without doing anything “real” ;-). The problem We have made “tests” mandatory in our company.  What that means: every single pullrequest is being code reviewed, …

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Business Central vNext (v23) – The “new data model”

This is just going to be a brief post, because there have been other blogs about this topic – I just wanted to add a small piece on top of it ;-). Our two Italian friends Stefano and Duilio already wrote some blogs about the upcoming performance improvements regarding the new feature in Business Central, …

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Analyzing Deadlocks in Business Central with Telemetry

Not too long ago, I was (and still am) challenged with analyzing deadlocks at a specific customer.  And in all honesty – that was not easy, because, you know, deadlocks is something on SQL – and it’s not like we have a lot of access to SQL tools. What are deadlocks? I’m not going to …

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Analyze (the lack of) Partial Records with Business Central Telemetry

I’ve been working with Business Central Telemetry a lot the last coulple of months, having to deal with deadlocks and such. And while doing so, quite some new ideas came to mind that I’d like to investigate by means of Telemetry. But first, a disclaimer I’m absolutly not an expert. Probably there are better ways …

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Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2023 release wave 1

It’s always nice having to prep a webinar about “what’s new in Business Central”. It makes you being very busy with what’s next, and forces you to dive into it :-). Not always easy though, because – even today – there isn’t too much documentation online yet (it’s not fully released either, so .. quite …

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