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Dependency Analysis Tool (ALDependencyAnalysis)

Remember this post?  Probably not.  Nearly a year ago at Directions US, I showed some “how did I do stuff” during a number of sessions.  And it ended with a lot of feedback, which came down to: “can I have it”?  So, that’s where I wrote a post “I have work to do” ;-). The …

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How to REALLY rename all AL-files of your Business Central app..

You remember this post?  I tried to warn you that when v16 comes out, there will be a new code rule that will check your filenames – and you’ll have to (if you don’t disable it) comply with the file name convention of Microsoft.  If you don’t automate your file naming, then you’re in for …

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 is released!

Indeed – I didn’t see any official statement yet – but it’s obvious, v16 is the current latest MS release .. and if you don’t believe me – just check Docker (the latest “current” release is already v16 – docker image “mcr.microsoft.com/businesscentral/onprem”)… I’m not going to bore you with what is already online – I …

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