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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU10 – buggy CustomSettings.config

Just a small blogpost before I leave on a well-deserved (if I may say so myself) holiday :-). And it’s going to be a REALLY small one .. with one small tiny warning that my colleague came with earlier this week. The new CU has a wrong default CustomSettings.config file in the server folder (DVD:\ServiceTier\program …

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New Extension Videos for NAV2016

As we could see during WPC, NAV2017 is around the corner. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is not working on readiness material for NAV2016. Especially for the things that have been brand new, and need some attention. You know: Extensions. 🙂 A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work together with Microsoft on …

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NAV2016 PartnerSource Marketing and Sales material

I admit .. this is somewhat late in the year to come with this information. But I was searching for marketing material on NAV2016, and came across a list of links to (mainly) PartnerSource that might be useful for you as well, so I decided to write up a quick blogpost. As such, these are …

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NAV 2016: All Published Events

Blogging has been low lately. I have been insanely busy with providing content for the Cloud SureStep for Product Development on the DLP, which means: less free time :(. But .. Together with a brilliant colleague, I’m also working on an internal project: A code analyzer in PowerShell. Why in PowerShell .. well .. because …

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The Future of Dynamics NAV Extensions

Last week, there was a call from Microsoft (a so called “Directions Webinar”) all partners could attend. It was a public call, with about 400 people – which kind of means: the information is considered to be public. Now, I’m not good in expressing my opinion. I never felt that it was my job nor …

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Discovery Event Pattern

I have been working on describing this very interesting NAV Design Pattern that uses events. We have been implementing it a few times, and I just didn’t want to hold it from you. You can find the pattern on “The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Design Patterns Wiki“. The actual design pattern can be found here, but …

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NAV 2016 Extension Development Shell on the Azure Demo VM

Now, that’s a long title, isn’t it? 🙂 I was in a conversation with Freddy Kristiansen .. the so called “father” of the “Azure Demo VM Image for NAV 2016” (or how do you kids call it these days). If you haven’t heard about that, I strongly advise you to check out for example MVP …

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NAV Extensions – Updated Generic Data Migration Options

OK, it’s official. I feel like an idiot :-). I was so proud with my previous blogpost as I was able to solve a somewhat complicated problem generically. And now there appears to be a platform solution for what I was trying to solve (or at least for a big part of it). I remember …

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Cloud SureStep for Product Development: The PowerShots

That’s right, there are new PowerShots in town! You might have read about the previous PowerShot series on my blog, where we focused on “The Transition of your Product to the Cloud”. “We”, being the “Cloud Ready Software” dudes: Gary, Vjeko and me. You might wonder – why would I go this year if I …

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NAV Extensions – Generic Code To Migrate Data When Upgrading Extensions

UPDATE: Updated info can be found in this post. This is not a post on how Extensions work – I guess there is a lot of material out there that already handles Extensions. And if you don’t find any .. just check YouTube for a few video’s, like: How Do I: Create an Extension Package …

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