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Happy New Year (and a few more things…)

Small little post to wish you all the best in 2015 (and all the years to come, of course .. not only 2015 :-)). May the best moments in 2014 be the worst in 2015! Always liked that sentence :-). There are a few (very different) things that I would like to mention .. Mainstream …

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NAV 2009 Mainstream Support Ends January 13, 2015

Like with all new releases, old released get discontinued. That’s how it goes with software. And for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it’s not different. Yesterday, NAV 2015 was released to customers .. and today I got the message when the latest supported version (which is currently NAV 2009) is going out of support. And you might …

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SEPA Direct Debit Updates (FR, BE, IT and ES) are now available for “all” versions of NAV!

Until the end of December last year, SEPA Direct Debit was only available for NAV 2013 R2. Now, as you know, this version is quite new .. and it was somewhat more “urgent” to receive the objects for earlier versions – more common to existing customers ;-). Well .. since December 30th, these objects are …

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 released

Today, I came across the announcement that there is a new version of “the Connector” – in the NAV community better known as “They CRM Connector” – and officially called “Connector for Microsoft Dynamics”. The announcement is already dated from June 18th, but I totally missed it .. . Here you can read more: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsconnector/archive/2013/06/18/connector-for-microsoft-dynamics-v3-released-today.aspx …

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Platform updates overview – NAV2009

As you might have seen, I have added a “platform updates” on my top menu. I will never update the non-released platform updates anymore – and the idea is that I “store” them there – still for your reference.. .

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Availability of NAV2009 (Advanced) extended

This is an example of “double ethical ambiguity” (like we called it in school – a long time ago (in a galaxy..)). As NAV2013 is the best release ever (which I really mean in many ways) .. and can even sometimes called “the release that NAV2009 should have been” .. then why is Microsoft pleased …

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The power of Variants

This blogpost of Arend Jan Kauffman reminded me of a topic that I wanted to write a very long time now. Namely working with Variants. Sometimes I get the remark: “what the hell are they useful for? “. And to be honest: Variants could be bloody useful in some cases. Cases to make stuff even …

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Platform updates overview – NAV2009

As mentioned earlier, I have split up the Platform Updates list into the different versions of NAV. Here is the NAV2009 version.

When going through the KB articles, I also found this one quite interesting: A costing hotfix rollup is available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It doesn’t really qualify as a “Platform Update”, but still, I think it’s very interesting to give it enough attention.. .

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