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Business Central SaaS Environment Triggers

So – thanks to my colleague Márton Sági (the AL Studio guy ;-)), I came across a quite interesting, but highly under-documented ability today in Business Central. One that makes the below post purely based on assumptions ;-), since it’s undocumented, and resides only in the platform part of Business Central (so there isn’t much …

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV Event Publishers Repository

Since quite a while, I have been willing to blog this tiny little, but very useful thing that I have been using more that I would have thought before I created it. What is it? Well, nothing too fancy .. just a Github repo with more information about event publishers on a few of the …

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Application-wide system events (previously known as “Codeunit 1 events”)

You must have heard. Codeunit 1 is a goner! And if you have not heard it – you must have read about it. Because it has been on Microsoft Docks for a while, and also there was a blog that Microsoft spent on it. Well, before I managed to find these description, I was working …

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NAV 2016: All Published Events

Blogging has been low lately. I have been insanely busy with providing content for the Cloud SureStep for Product Development on the DLP, which means: less free time :(. But .. Together with a brilliant colleague, I’m also working on an internal project: A code analyzer in PowerShell. Why in PowerShell .. well .. because …

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Discovery Event Pattern

I have been working on describing this very interesting NAV Design Pattern that uses events. We have been implementing it a few times, and I just didn’t want to hold it from you. You can find the pattern on “The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Design Patterns Wiki“. The actual design pattern can be found here, but …

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NAV 2016: Hooks or Events?

You don’t get the chance to blog on the 29th of February too much. In fact, you only get one chance in 1461 days .. . So let’s take this opportunity, to bother you with something that I have been thinking about from the moment Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 was release: What do we do …

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NAV 2016 Eventing: All published Integration and Business events

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a decent blogpost. Well .. I’ve been busy at conferences, to be honest doing lots of Sessions. And I’m always nervous for these – I take it seriously, you know – people pay a lot of money to come to conferences like that, and the sessions need …

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