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PowerShots 2017 just kicked off

I’m sitting in the plane, after I just kicked off my first PowerShot for NAV2017 in Sweden. It was not “the first” PowerShot of this year, because Vjeko actually started one day before me in Norway :-). What are PowerShots? You might have read from previous years that we (Cloud Ready Software) have been “touring” …

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New Extension Videos for NAV2016

As we could see during WPC, NAV2017 is around the corner. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is not working on readiness material for NAV2016. Especially for the things that have been brand new, and need some attention. You know: Extensions. 🙂 A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work together with Microsoft on …

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Cloud SureStep for Product Development: The PowerShots

That’s right, there are new PowerShots in town! You might have read about the previous PowerShot series on my blog, where we focused on “The Transition of your Product to the Cloud”. “We”, being the “Cloud Ready Software” dudes: Gary, Vjeko and me. You might wonder – why would I go this year if I …

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PowerShots – What a Ride …

For the people that are connected to me on Facebook .. they probably have noticed I have been traveling quite a lot lately, together with Vjeko and Gary. In fact, since December 2014, we have been doing – what we call – “PowerShots” in lots of countries in Europe. It was all quite a rush …

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Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP): What’s New

Question: What’s New? Answer: What’s New!   Since April 15th, there is a new section on the Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP), called “What’s New“: It gives you access to a numerous topics on different media (blogs, video’s, …) regarding all new stuff that was added in the latest version, categorized by three pillars (same as …

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Resource Pages for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It seems they’re working hard to get as much info out there as possible. Let’s have a glimpse on the new “Resource Pages” on PartnerSource: Resource Pages for Microsoft Dynamics NAV What does Microsoft mean with “Resource Pages”? Well, links to information like: Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes Server and Platform Hardware Sizing Web Client …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization Portal

Recently, I was notified about this location on PartnerSource: The Microsoft Dynamics Localization Portal – Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As Microsoft describes: This Dynamics Localization portal provides partners information by country about localization features including info on regulatory features, documentation, plus associated ISV solutions. On the portal, you will find reports, that contain the following: These …

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Powershell script to search for “How Do I”-video’s for NAV 2013 (R2)

As you might know, lately, I have been working on the “How Do I”-video-series about various topics regarding Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. these video’s are posted on MSDN, PartnerSource and Youtube. (And hereby, you got the links to easily find them – bookmark them, please :-)). Now, as you migth have noticed, me personally, I …

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NAV 2013 R2 Readiness

With all the upcoming blogs about NAV2013R2, ik makes sense to start with where you can start: what did Microsoft already foresee to get you ready for NAV 2013 R2? Well: there is a readyness page, like ther was for NAV2013. And you can find it here: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/training/news/MSDNAV7GettingReady.htm And you’ll see – it’s the same …

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NAV 2013: Certification requirements updated!

Do you remember this post: NAV 2013: Certification overview ? Well, there is a small update that I would like to share with you. Today Microsoft confirmed that the necessary SQL 2012 certification is only needed from October 2013 (instead of May 2013 as previously stated). I guess that’s a good thing, isn’t it? 😉 …

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