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DevOps for AL Development – 1on1 hands-on workshop

This one-on-one workshop has one goal: setting up a working environment on YOUR Azure DevOps environment.

Personally I can’t picture a life without DevOps anymore, especially when you need to develop (in team) on a multitude of apps, that will be upgrade automatically in the SaaS environment, or that need to be tested against a multitude of localizations or versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. DevOps will help you in many ways: implement a workflow for your team, stabilize your code over time, automate testing for multiple versions or localizations, Automate deployment, .. .

Target Audience

This workshop is suitable for everyone that feels the need to get started with DevOps, but needs that last extra push or help to get actually started. It would help they have a basic knowledge of Source Code Management with Git. Though it’s not a prerequisite, but the course “DevOps for AL Development – Online Course” is a very good preparation for this workshop.

What to expect

In this workshop, I will spend a total of 8 hours (split over 2 (or more) days) with your internal DevOps responsible, and together, we will:

  • Set up a working DevOps Agent on one of your servers (preferably new)
  • Set up a working DevOps CI (code merge) flow (*), including
    • a code review
    • a build validation
  • Set up a working CD (deployment) flow to a test environment
  • Explain how this flow works for your developers
  • Explain the setup and the flow while we set it up

I will do this by using ALOps, a DevOps extension that is explicitly created for managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Development in Microsoft Azure DevOps.


The price for this workshop is €1500 excl. VAT.

As a bonus, you will be entitled for a 15% discount (**) on the first year of usage of ALOps in your DevOps environment.

After registration, I will contact you for an introduction call (Microsoft Teams) to talk about your environment, your business, and your current state regarding DevOps. We’ll schedule the workshop during that call as well.


You’ll need to have a working instance of VSCode, and it would be useful to have a working Business Central environment to work against.

You will also need to have access to a DevOps collection ( as an administrator. It would also be very useful if I would get access to that environment for the time of the course, to be able to set up the environment myself.

During the workshop, we’ll also be installing a DevOps agent. For this, you need access to a (clean, redundant) Windows server. There are a few options:

  • You don’t install an agent, and just follow me doing it during the course
  • a windows server that is running somewhere on your network, and you have (admin) access to it.
  • An AzureVM that is set up for you by your admins and you have admin access to it
  • You have admin access to Azure, and set it up yourself (I’ll tell you how during the course)
  • A local Windows Server Hyper-V on your system

Any questions? Don’t hesitate and contact me!

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(*) We will set up a basic flow/branching strategy, but if time permits, we can go into more complex flows, like GitFlow or Release Flow.
(**) This discount is applicable on all the pricing models, except for the “Per DevOps Pipeline run” license.

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