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Speed up your automated tests without really doing anything..

Here’s a Christmas present from me for you: a short, but may be fore some people a very liberating post on how to speed up your tests in your pipeline, without doing anything “real” ;-). The problem We have made “tests” mandatory in our company.  What that means: every single pullrequest is being code reviewed, …

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NAV 2013: Implementing the Application Test Toolset

As you probably know, since NAV 2009, there is some kind of framework built in the C/SIDE environment that can deal with application testing.  Usually referred to as “Testing Framework” or “Test codeunits” or “Test Toolset” or “probably-some-kind-of-other-description-I-don’t-think-of-at-this-moment-but-deals-with-testing-the-functionality-of-your-(customized)-NAV-solution”. As we (iFacto) are rebuilding our internal solution for NAV2013, I have to include the Test Toolset …

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