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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is announced!

Finally it’s official .. And quite some information has been announced. And it’s not really surprising that it’s announced now, because last week, Microsoft World Partner Conference took place .. which is about the biggest partner-event from Microsoft. Things just need to be announced there, doesn’t it ;-)? NAV “Crete” is going to be called …

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NAV 2013 R2 Multi Tenancy: Force Full Sync on All Tenants

The last few months have been crazy. The main reason that my blogging is somewhat minimal is that I’m working on a project .. Quite an interesting one. It’s an on premise, yet multitenant implementation of 204 tenants and growing. Super interesting, because there is lots of communication between the tenants, and still, you get …

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Powershell: The Merge-commandlets for NAV 2013

I have been looking forward to blog about this, since I have been testing and working with these commandlets for quite some time now. With the release of Cumulative Update 9, these commandlets are being released .. so FINALLY I’m able to blog about it. But I’m not gonna .. at least, I’m not going …

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