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New Platform Updates

Recently, Microsoft has released the new Cumulative Updates for NAV 2015, NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2. Time for me to get to work again, and update my mists on the Platform Updates. You can find them separately on my blog now, when you navigate to “Dynamics NAV” –> “Platform Updates” –> and refer to …

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Platform updates overview – NAV 2013 (R2)

Here you go – once again an updated list on the platform updates of NAV 2013 (R2). The list for 2015 will follow shortly.  By the way .. I’m not going to continue to emphasize the “newly added issues” in the list (my making them yellow and italic), as this has too limited added value.. . …

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Platform updates overview – NAV 2013 (R2)

A few days ago, the first NAV 2015 Cumulative Update was released.. . This made me go back to where I was at with my lists of platform updates .. and yes .. I had lots of work to do. But here you are: an updated list! I will publish the NAV 2015 list tomorrow. …

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Platform updates overview – NAV 2013 (R2)

Why am I still doing this? It’s been far too long that I updated this list .. . And there are perfect alternative links, like simply going to PartnerSource, where you can find an Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. Now, I do recommend that you use that exact location, …

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SEPA Direct Debit Updates (FR, BE, IT and ES) are now available for “all” versions of NAV!

Until the end of December last year, SEPA Direct Debit was only available for NAV 2013 R2. Now, as you know, this version is quite new .. and it was somewhat more “urgent” to receive the objects for earlier versions – more common to existing customers ;-). Well .. since December 30th, these objects are …

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Platform updates overview – NAV2013

When I was documenting the platform updates, I realized that there aren’t that many platform updates for NAV2009 anymore. Therefore, I decided to create a new page for it on the menu above on this blog. You can find it here now (Above menu / Dynamics NAV / Platform Updates / NAV2009..).

For NAV2013, there ARE (quite) a few new updates, so please do check this list when you have problems.

Last month, I have been in contact with Microsoft for a problem I documented a while ago, about CurrFieldNo behaving quite strange. I came across the same issues when creating a new product for iFacto, and I took a chance in reporting it once again. It doesn’t make sense to work around issues when trying to implement decent architecture, does it? Well, it resulted into a bugfix, but it hasn’t been made public, yet. In the meanwhile, this is going to be the link where the upgrade will come: https://mbs2.microsoft.com/Knowledgebase/KBDisplay.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;2888350.

For the rest: enjoy!

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 released

Today, I came across the announcement that there is a new version of “the Connector” – in the NAV community better known as “They CRM Connector” – and officially called “Connector for Microsoft Dynamics”. The announcement is already dated from June 18th, but I totally missed it .. . Here you can read more: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsconnector/archive/2013/06/18/connector-for-microsoft-dynamics-v3-released-today.aspx …

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NAV2013: HTML on reports

I noticed it’s not known too well .. so I decided to put this in a small blogpost. Basically, you can use HTML on Dynamics NAV 2013 reports .. and I’m going to share how you can do that in just a few basic steps. Step 1: Create HTML Text It doesn’t really matter how/where/… …

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NAV2013 is officially on Azure!

On Azure that is! 🙂 I have been playing around with VM’s on Azure, and successfully deployed all of it (Database, NST, OData, Web Client, ..), but always had the feeling that it was just too simple and easy. Today, Microsoft announced (or at least it got only to my attention today :-)) the official …

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Platform updates overview – NAV2013

Yesterday, the Platform updates for NAV2009 were updated. Today, it’s the turn of NAV2013.

When I was updating the list, these two interesting hotfixes came to my attention. I thought it was interesting to mention them here as well:

•Release of rollups for NAV 2013
•How to install a NAV2013 update rollup

Well, this is not a Platform update, but nevertheless, an interesting development, as Microsoft is making it easier for (some of) us by bundling a bunch of code-changes in one “rollup”.

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