Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V3 released

Today, I came across the announcement that there is a new version of “the Connector” – in the NAV community better known as “They CRM Connector” – and officially called “Connector for Microsoft Dynamics”.

The announcement is already dated from June 18th, but I totally missed it .. . Here you can read more:

Here’s the feature list that I copied from that blog:

  • Filters are now saved with maps and are imported when creating a map from a file that has a filter saved in it
  • When deleting an integration, site, or map the service no longer needs to be stopped and restarted
  • When changing the “check for data modified after” date for a map, the service no longer needs to be stopped and restarted
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics service is now a WCF service that is run inside of its own process host, allowing developers to programmatically interact with the service
  • Maps can now be run “on demand” using the “RunMapNow()” API on the updated Connector for Microsoft Dynamics service.  Stay tuned for a blog post demonstrating how to do this programmatically.
  • System handle counts and memory consumption have been reduced for long running integrations
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics client responsiveness has been improved
  • Performance when integrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM online has been increased
  • The MSI now validates the SQL server version, as well as the other system requirements
  • “Socket Connection was aborted” errors when integrating using WCF services are now avoided

Just take into account that for NAV 2009 R2, you’ll need some hotfixed before you’re able to use this version of the connector:

It involves codechanges you’ll have to do to make your synchronisations work. I didn’t find any needed platform update.. .



I know I haven’t been blogging too much lately .. and I have good reasons for that. I AM working on some new community efforts that will be available around september. Can’t tell too much just now, but blogging will be slow the next couple of weeks – and it’s all for the best :-).

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