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Load Dynamics NAV CmdLets in PowerShell ISE with Profiles

I think we can all agree that we like the Windows PowerShell ISE, right? You know, the “C/SIDE for PowerShell” ;-), the editor, this one: And the one thing that is somewhat less convenient, is the fact that you always have to load the NAV CmdLets into your runspace by typing these lines: Import-Module ‘C:\Program …

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Dynamics NAV 2016 Limited Beta Agreement

It has been all over the internet and social media. So this is nothing new (sorry for that) .. but still .. if it reaches one more person that didn’t know yet, it’s worth the effort ;-). Microsoft has opened a Beta Program for all partners that already want to dive into NAV2016: http://t.co/2brBIcViBZ . …

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Dynamics NAV 2016 it is …

You must have read about it .. but last night (my time – afternoon US time) at WPC the new upcoming version of Dynamics NAV was announced, together with the features and focuses of what we can expect. And lots of MVP’s have jumped on it, while (I have to be honest) I was comfortably …

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Start NAV Object in RTC with PowerShell

You might remember these blogposts: Start Dynamics NAV Windows Client (RTC) from PowerShell Start Dynamics NAV Development Client (C/SIDE) from PowerShell I wanted to go a step further. Namely, I wanted to open/run a specific object from PowerShell. Scenario’s There are two scenario’s where I wanted to apply this: First of all the Test Toolkit. …

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