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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (OnPrem) Production environment on Docker?

Well .. no!  “Not yet”, at least ;-). Let me be clear: this post is NOT a recommendation that you should use Docker for your OnPrem Customer’s production environments.  Not at all.  This is merely a blogpost about the fact that I wouldn’t mind Microsoft to officially support Docker as an alternative to an NST …

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Business Central Modern Client: Remove the designer button

You all know the designer, right? The tool for developers (aka the “in-client visual designer”) that “provides an easy and convenient way of making immediate adjustments to your design by simply dragging and dropping the components on the page”. Well .. then you probably know there are things to take into account…  Issues It actually …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU10 – buggy CustomSettings.config

Just a small blogpost before I leave on a well-deserved (if I may say so myself) holiday :-). And it’s going to be a REALLY small one .. with one small tiny warning that my colleague came with earlier this week. The new CU has a wrong default CustomSettings.config file in the server folder (DVD:\ServiceTier\program …

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Setting up Project “Madeira” Preview (also when you’re not from the US)

The last few days (between the soup and potatoes (Flemish expression ;-)), I have been trying to set up a full blown environment on Project “Madeira”. Not easy, as I am not from the US, and this preview only got released in the US. And apparently, Microsoft is serious about that – like when I …

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Fix NAV2015 Administration Shell after NAV 2016 installation

You should read Arend-Jan’s blogpost first. He explains that after you install NAV2016 on a machine that already had NAV2015 on it, that it breaks the NAV2015 Administration console. Arend-Jan also provide a fix for this! A really easy one even. But he was also talking about “if you’re not a PowerShell guru” .. And …

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Get a specific Dynamics NAV Server Setting with PowerShell (a better Get-NAVServerConfiguration)

You might remember this blogpost: NAV 2013 R2: Powershell function to check if ServerInstance is Multitenant or not. It was a small tip on how to check a certain setting. Recently I was working on a script, where I needed some other serversettings, and looking back on the way I was doing the above .. …

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NAV 2013 R2: Backup and Restore

Since today, about 25 new “How Do I”-video’s were uploaded to youtube. This means.. video’s that were already available to partners, are now made available for everyone. As mentioned before, I have been participating in some video’s, including the one about Backup/Restore: How Do I: Backup and Restore in a Multitenant Environment in Microsoft Dynamics …

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NAV 2013: How to log in any database

When you’re a partner .. you deal with databases of your customers, right? At least – you should ;-). Usually, there is “some” security set up at the customers site. At least let’s hope so ;-). It might happen that you want to copy a customer’s database to your site, just to test, debug, do …

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Port Sharing with NAV2013

As you might know, installing NAV2009 isn’t painless. Or at least .. that’s my idea of it. The NAV-typical “beauty of simplicity” is hard to find… you have to do quite a lot to have it successfully installed: Use service accounts Set up delegation / registering SPN’s Handle the Query Notification …. What I always …

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