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Developing Business Central Extensions/Apps in Team – Follow Up

A while ago (in fact: in July last year), I posted a blog post about the challenges when “working in Team on apps“. Since then, I have been asked to work on a follow-up post on how we are tackling these challenges in our company today – and if all the assumptions I made also …

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C/AL Source Code Analysis with PowerShell

Last Directions US and EMEA, I had the opportunity to talk about – uhm – myself. Well, not really – about my tools. It was a weird experience – but it got more attention than I ever expected. Now, during that session, I showed a tool that I wanted to put out there for sooooo …

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Where to find the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (and NAV) Docker Images (updated)

Warning: this way of working with Docker Images is outdated!  More info here and here. Admitted – this is not a lot of new content since my last post – but there are updates since the last one. Also, I wanted to put all repos in a nice clear list. Since my last post, I …

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