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Telemetry and Companies

I don’t know about you – but when working with Telemetry, I found it sometimes tedious to map certain traces to actual customers (names of the company, that is).  Here’s a small post on how I handle it today. We (our company – we are a partner of a multitude of Business Central customers) have …

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A BC Telemetry story … Monitor your Telemetry Usages!

I recently had a very scary thing happening on our Telemetry setup, that I would have never expected, and was glad I was able to catch it in time. TL;DR Any extra action on your Business Central environment can cause an explosion of telemetry signals, which possibly turns into an insane Azure bill.  Therefore, it’s …

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Analyzing Deadlocks in Business Central with Telemetry

Not too long ago, I was (and still am) challenged with analyzing deadlocks at a specific customer.  And in all honesty – that was not easy, because, you know, deadlocks is something on SQL – and it’s not like we have a lot of access to SQL tools. What are deadlocks? I’m not going to …

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Analyze (the lack of) Partial Records with Business Central Telemetry

I’ve been working with Business Central Telemetry a lot the last coulple of months, having to deal with deadlocks and such. And while doing so, quite some new ideas came to mind that I’d like to investigate by means of Telemetry. But first, a disclaimer I’m absolutly not an expert. Probably there are better ways …

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