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NAV 2013: Certification overview

NAV 2013 has been there for a while now. And as expected .. there is an updated requirement for the “ERP Competency” for partners. You can find all information here: https://mspartner.microsoft.com/nl/be/Pages/Membership/enterprise-resource-planning-competency-requirements-gold.aspx and I strongly recommend you to read through this very carefully. A few points that I would like to stress out From May 2013, …

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NAV2013: (Some?) Group 2 Countries are available to download!

This day started out a little bit disappointing: I should have had a meeting with my PRS buddies today (Mark, Gary and Vjeko), but things got cancelled due to sickness :(. BUT When I arrived at the office, I was reminded of an informal “promise” that was made: that the Belgian localization of NAV2013 would …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Support engineer “Zeeshan” pointed my attention to this Team Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nav/archive/2013/01/28/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2013-compatiblity-with-microsoft-windows-8-and-microsoft-windows-server-2013.aspx. I just decided to “copy” the blog to give it somewhat more attention ;-). Note that Microsoft has finished the procedure to be able to say that both Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 are compatible with Microsoft Windows Server …

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DDC: Upgrading Best Practices to NAV2013

For those who don’t know already .. With DDC I mean “Dutch Dynamics Community“. Tonight, once again, I decided to defy the bad weather .. to go to the session that Per Mogensen was doing about “Upgrading Best Practices”. It’s always nice to gain insight on that .. because let’s be honest .. NAV2013 is …

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NAV2013: How to link a factbox in code

Before you think I give you the Oracle with this article … this is actually nothing but showing you a new feature in NAV2013. New? Not really .. but that’s how Microsoft tells it :-). It wasn’t there in NAV2009 RTC .. so it must be new, right? Well, not really .. because we already …

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NAV 2013: How to log in any database

When you’re a partner .. you deal with databases of your customers, right? At least – you should ;-). Usually, there is “some” security set up at the customers site. At least let’s hope so ;-). It might happen that you want to copy a customer’s database to your site, just to test, debug, do …

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Port Sharing with NAV2013

As you might know, installing NAV2009 isn’t painless. Or at least .. that’s my idea of it. The NAV-typical “beauty of simplicity” is hard to find… you have to do quite a lot to have it successfully installed: Use service accounts Set up delegation / registering SPN’s Handle the Query Notification …. What I always …

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How to download NAV 2013 RTM – Use InPrivate browsing

Since yesterday, it’s possible to download NAV 2013 (like mentioned in my previous post). Although, there seemed to be some problems. Many people (amongst me) were not able to download it. They stumbled upon the same error I mentioned in my post: MBS File Exchange Access Denied. After some support calls, clearing cache, trying on …

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