How to download NAV 2013 RTM – Use InPrivate browsing

Since yesterday, it’s possible to download NAV 2013 (like mentioned in my previous post). Although, there seemed to be some problems. Many people (amongst me) were not able to download it. They stumbled upon the same error I mentioned in my post:

MBS File Exchange Access Denied.

After some support calls, clearing cache, trying on about all operating systems there are .. I got a tip from my TSAM: “try InPrivate browsing“.

I had to look it up, because I never use that.. (I even stumbled upon this post Smile – sorry for the Dutch). It was actually just pressing pressing Ctrl+Shirt+P, or:

When I navigated to the download, I was able to download NAV 2013 W1.

As many of you struggled with this .. I decided to put up a separate post for it. Hope it helps!

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