NAV2013: (Some?) Group 2 Countries are available to download!

This day started out a little bit disappointing: I should have had a meeting with my PRS buddies today (Mark, Gary and Vjeko), but things got cancelled due to sickness :(.


When I arrived at the office, I was reminded of an informal “promise” that was made: that the Belgian localization of NAV2013 would be available on the 1st of February.


Which (probably) means that (some group 2) countries are releasing their localizations … which is superb news! This is the current list (you can find the up-to-date list here):

AU-Australia Download
BE-Belgium Download
CA-Canada Download
DK-Denmark Download
FI-Finland Download
FR-France Download
DE-Germany Download
IN-India Download
IT-Italy Download
MX-Mexico Download
NL-Netherlands Download
NZ-New Zealand Download
ES-Spain Download
SE-Sweden Download
UK-United Kingdom Download
US-United States Download
W1 Download


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