Cloud SureStep for Product Development: The PowerShots

PowerShots2015That’s right, there are new PowerShots in town!

You might have read about the previous PowerShot series on my blog, where we focused on “The Transition of your Product to the Cloud”. “We”, being the “Cloud Ready Software” dudes: Gary, Vjeko and me.

You might wonder – why would I go this year if I already went last year?

Well .. 80% of the content is brand-new, and the rest provides updated insights into procedures and technologies which have evolved with the release of Dynamics NAV 2016. You might have expected, now we have things like “events” and “extensions”, right?

On top of that, Cloud Ready Software has been invited by Microsoft to analyze and document the Microsoft way of doing repeatable business in all of its aspects: strategy, tooling, company setup, processes and code architecture. The 2016 PowerShots give you a head start on this Cloud SureStep for Product Development methodology:

  • Agile development and queue management will help you leverage your resources more efficiently.
  • Eventing and NAV Extensions open up a whole set of new opportunities for developing solutions.
  • Combine source code management, brand-new design patterns and PowerShell to enable continuous monthly updates.
  • Integrate all components of the Microsoft Business Cloud to build powerful and compelling solutions.
  • Learn how Dynamics NAV Managed Services take the pain out of running and distributing cloud software.

Cool, where do I register?

We are doing these PowerShots on numerous locations throughout the world. We actually already did France, and here are the dates of the other countries with the corresponding registration links:

France Dec., 17th / 18th done
Switzerland Jan., 28th / 29th Registration
Germany Feb., 11th / 12th Registration
Norway Feb., 18th / 19th Registration
Belgium & Netherlands Feb., 25th / 26th Registration
Spain Mar., 10th / 11th Registration
Denmark Apr., 7th / 8th Registration
Sweden Apr., 21st / 22nd Registration
Italy May, tbd N/A
UK May, 9th / 10th Registration
Ireland May, 12th / 13th Registration
CEE May, 19th / 20th Registration
North America June: 13th/14th; 16th/17th; 20th/ 21st N/A

So .. All details you need to know for you to start registering in your country :-).

See you at the PowerShots!

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  1. Still working on the North America locations or are you working through a local partner who is handling it?

  2. Hello,

    Any news on the North America dates?

      • waldo on February 12, 2016 at 9:17 am

      Not yet, I’m afraid. Microsoft is looking at some options. I will update my blog when I know 😉

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