Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV Event Publishers Repository

Since quite a while, I have been willing to blog this tiny little, but very useful thing that I have been using more that I would have thought before I created it. What is it? Well, nothing too fancy .. just a

Github repo with more information about event publishers on a few of the current versions of NAV and Business Central

I actually already blogged about how to create such files, which you can find here:

In the mean time, I do not only have a better way of doing this (the people that came to my “Waldo’s Tools” session on one of the Directions-conventions might have seen it – blogpost definitely coming up!) – I was also thinking .. why don’t I simply put whatever I generate online? That way, anyone can use it, and it’s one simple place to consult to have a better understanding about certain events:

  • How many events are there
  • Where are they defined
  • Where are they raised (just find the event, and search further down in the file)
  • How many times are they raised
  • All this – per NAV/BC version

This resulted into a github repository that I’d like to use for maybe other kinds of “analysis” in the future (let me know if you think of some).

You can find the repository here:

Give it a try! I’m using this quite a lot, so it might be useful for you as well!


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