Days of Knowledge & BCTechDays coming up soon!

I recently realized I forgot to share the amazing conferences happening right now: the “Days of Knowledge” series and BC TechDays. 🤩

I’m a bit ashamed because it’s always such an honor to be part of these events, and the least I can do is help spread the word. But hey, it’s not too late to register, so let’s dive in…

Days of Knowledge

What is DoK?  Well, it’s a series of (local) events for Partners, focused on educating consultants and developers: Deep dive sessions, by the community, for the community.  In fact, there is hardly any Microsoft session, and personally, I like that a lot: no marketing, no ‘selling the features’, no “feel good stories”, but content by the community experts, including good and bad practices, things to improve, things to avoid, things to focus on – you know – good guidance, based on people that are on the same field as you are, struggling with the same issues as you are, .. ! 

The idea is to have a few locations so that local people can join the event, and travel is not an issue.  This year, we already went to Odense (Denmark) and Birmingham (UK).  Yeah – I’m late with this post 😳.  But there is one more coming up very soon: Days of Knowledge Central in Darmstadt, Germany on June 6 and 7.  And after summer, the first edition in the US (Atlanta): Americas 2024

Be there!

And I will be there once again as well – and very much looking forward to!  I’ll be doing 2 sessions, and 1 training.

Training: Manage your Business Central Developments with Azure DevOps pipelines and ALOps”

Yep, I will be doing a pre-conference training on ALOps.  The Directions-committee was open to do workshops about products, which I’m very grateful for.  Even more – I think it opens up an opportunity for many ISV’s, because sure we train ourselves in BC – but we also need to train ourselves in related software we use, implement, .. No?  Why not combine it with an event like this?  I love it!

I already did a few, and I was happy to see the interest in the product – and we were able to set up CI/CD for partners – or at least get started with it 😜. 

Session: “Business Central Performance: A Guide for Functional Consultants” (link)

This sessions was an initiative in my own company, where many of the consultants asked for more info on what to take into account – as a consultant – to improve performance.  I’d never have thought of it, but since our own consultants thought is was such a valuable session, I put it up as a suggestion for .. well .. the world, I guess ;-).

Session: “Advanced coding for NAV Dinosaurs” (link)

One I’m doing with AJ, and love it!  It’s more like a “fun” session with serious topics, highlighting what we think are  important changes for the past couple of years, pinpointing to a few best practices, some extra thoughts, and .. some jokes here and there ;-).


The other convention needs no introduction: BCTechDays is considered to be THE convention to go to, if you’re serious about anything “technical” or “development”, related to our beloved “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”.  There are training days, 90-minute deep dive sessions, ISV sessions, and so.much.more!  It’s a unique event to say the least, with careful considered sessions, speakers, content – both from Microsoft (the developers talking) and the community. 

Be there as well!

Also this year, I’m honored to speak for BCTechDays, and I’ll be there with something completely different.  For the past year, I’ve been diving into Telemetry quite a lot, and quite deep, and I want to share my experiences with you: how to get the most out of it, and how to put as much as possible into it ;-).

Training: “Telemetry & Performance”

This training is going to be a combining the Business Central Performance Toolkit with Telemetry and PowerBI.  If you don’t know what I mean, well, then for sure, join me in my session:

Session: “Telemetry: a developer’s Best Friend”

As such, this is some kind of a “Telemetry black belt” session, but I didn’t want to call it that.  I would like to briefly introduce what Telemetry can do for you, and .. what you can do, if you’re a bit more creative with it ;-).

I promise, I have some good ideas – and probably also some less good, but at least, we’ll have some fun with Telemetry ;-).

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