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Tax Updates Dependent on Cumulative Updates (CU) for NAV 2013 and higher

I’d like to raise some attention on this topic, as this is quite important for partners that are supporting customers. In the old days, we received fobs and txt files with objects that only contained the changes for the TAX update. On top of that .. different TAX updates within one NAV release, were based …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is announced!

Finally it’s official .. And quite some information has been announced. And it’s not really surprising that it’s announced now, because last week, Microsoft World Partner Conference took place .. which is about the biggest partner-event from Microsoft. Things just need to be announced there, doesn’t it ;-)? NAV “Crete” is going to be called …

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Belgian Localization: Manual VAT Corrections are back!

You already know that Belgium is part of the “Update Rollups Group”: the countries that actually get a CU every month :-). This is good .. This is REALLY good! And it’s getting better… Now, Belgium (and a few other countries) are also part of the Localisation Portal. This is the portal I blogged about …

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Resource Pages for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It seems they’re working hard to get as much info out there as possible. Let’s have a glimpse on the new “Resource Pages” on PartnerSource: Resource Pages for Microsoft Dynamics NAV What does Microsoft mean with “Resource Pages”? Well, links to information like: Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes Server and Platform Hardware Sizing Web Client …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization Portal

Recently, I was notified about this location on PartnerSource: The Microsoft Dynamics Localization Portal – Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As Microsoft describes: This Dynamics Localization portal provides partners information by country about localization features including info on regulatory features, documentation, plus associated ISV solutions. On the portal, you will find reports, that contain the following: These …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade (Customer Survey)

Microsoft is working their @$$ off on the upgrade story. And we can only support that, obviously. For gaining some more information, they have put up a survey on CustomerSource. As they explain: With this survey, we would like to solicit your valuable input in regard to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade story to better …

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NAV Update Rollups for additional countries AT, BE, CH, ES, FI, IS, and NO

I just received great news. Since NAV2013, Microsoft has introduced a great new initiative: the update rollups: a set of changes, combined in a “rollup”. This, for both Platform Hotfixes (a new build of the platform (Windows Client, Dev Env, …)) and Application Hotfixes (or in other words: code fixes). Now, obviously, all countries can …

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Video: How Do I: Setup the Job Queue in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

A while ago, I created a movie on How to set up the Job Queue. I decided to create this small blogpost, only to promote this video, as I have been pointing people to it the past few weeks, and apparently it helped them to get going 🙂 (which is exactly the purpose of the …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 VM Image available on Azure

This is cool! So useful! And already announced on the NAV Team Blog! And it’s for all MSDN Subscribers .. . May be first explain what that MSDN-thingy means… . Many partners have MSDN. At least partners that are a little bit serious in what they are doing .. being able to explore the new …

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New PartnerSource – Let’s start all over :(

*** UPDATE *** Please read the comments below. Microsoft is working on a solution for this! *** END UPDATE *** This weekend, Microsoft apparently decided to migrate PartnerSource to a completely new platform – I was told: based on Sharepoint this time.. . And I hear you thinking: FINALLY. I definitely agree: something needed to …

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