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Create ISO of Cumulative Update with PowerShell – Get VersionInfo


This step is once again part of a bigger whole: turning your download of a Cumulative Update (CU) into an ISO image. In order to do that, I want to automate as much as possible: also the name and characteristics of the file that I’m creating. In order to do that, there is already a bunch of information that is in the naming convention that Microsoft applies to these Cumulative Updates. Remember my previous post, where I was unzipping the CU. Apparently, Microsoft puts the DVD in a zip-file, with a very specific naming convention, like “NAV.8.0.39663.BE.DVD.zip”, or “Product.majorversion.minorversion.build.country.DVD.zip”. This is interesting and useful information. So I decided to a new function that returns an object with this information. The function is called “Get-NAVCumulativeUpdateDownloadVersionInfo“. Yeah, I know, quite a long name .. I wanted to be really specific ;-).

Here is the function:


Basically, it’s going to search for the zip-file in the exe-file, and with regular expressions, it’s going to get the different tags out of it (thanks, Vjeko, for helping me with the regex :-)). Next, I build a simple object of it, and return it.
Second step in turning my download into an ISO is DONE! Up to the last step!

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