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Create ISO of Cumulative Update with PowerShell – Unzip

This post is about the first “step” we need, regarding transforming a download of a cumulative update to an useful ISO file. This step handles on Unzipping the download, and putting it in some kind of destination folder.

When you download a CU, it looks something like this:

A self-extractable ZIP-file which contains:

  • a folder “APPLICATION”
  • and yet another ZIP file in the form of “NAV.8.0.39663.BE.DVD.zip”, which is the file we’re going to be interested in for eventually creating our ISO.

Our job for this part:

  • First, unzipping the exe-file
  • next, unzipping the zip of the DVD and removing the zip file (as this is not necessary anymore).

I created the function “Unzip-NAVCumulativeUpdateDownload“:


The function expects the format as described above, and is very simply going to:

  • Rename the exe to zip
  • Unzip the first zip
  • Search for the DVD-zip
  • Unzip that one as well
  • Remove the DVD-zip

And all in the end, it’s returning the DVD-folder, which I’m going to be interested in for turning into an ISO later on.

Now, to make this “Unzip” work, I need one other function: Unzip-Item, which expects a parameter being a zip-file, and a destination folder. There are multiple ways how to do it, and I found my solution online (though, can’t remember exactly the resource – my apologies for that). Here it is:

There you go .. you should now be able to already unzip your Cumulative Update with PowerShell. Up to the next step!

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