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Create ISO of Cumulative Update with PowerShell – Unzip

This post is about the first “step” we need, regarding transforming a download of a cumulative update to an useful ISO file. This step handles on Unzipping the download, and putting it in some kind of destination folder. When you download a CU, it looks something like this: A self-extractable ZIP-file which contains: a folder …

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Create ISO of Cumulative Update with PowerShell – Overview

  As you know, Microsoft is releasing a Cumulative Update (CU) about every month now. Even NAV2015 has its 7th CU. A CU is actually always a complete product cd, with the latest binaries (aka Platform Update, aka build) and the latest application version (aka objects) as database. When you implement the application changes, it …

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Select a word/statement: Nice Little Development Goody

I don’t know how they did it, but my colleague (who’s blog I can only recommend :-)) pointed me to a new tiny small possibility in the DEV environment that was added in the newest Cumulative Update. Let’s not hold it from you .. When we want to select a word in any text editor, …

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Reusable Bugs

You must have heard about the Dynamics NAV Design Patterns initiative already. It has been mentioned numerous times on conferences and on blogs. Recently, I was happy to work together with the team on what is in my opinion one of the most important Microsoft Dynamics NAV Design Patterns, what we call “Reusable Bugs“. It …

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Start Dynamics NAV Development Client (C/SIDE) from PowerShell

Now when we’re at it .. It might be interesting to also start a development client from PowerShell. Why would it be? Well, just suppose you’re creating a merge-script. And in case of conflicts, you want to: Set up a new database Import the merged objects, including conflicts Open the Development Environment to start solving …

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Start Dynamics NAV Windows Client (RTC) from PowerShell

After my sessions during “conference season”, I promised to blog about my scripts. I decided to do this on small pieces of scripts .. and this one is so useful, though I only realised it was useful until I wanted to do a gimmick during a script. I’m actually using it all the time now …

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Get a specific Dynamics NAV Server Setting with PowerShell (a better Get-NAVServerConfiguration)

You might remember this blogpost: NAV 2013 R2: Powershell function to check if ServerInstance is Multitenant or not. It was a small tip on how to check a certain setting. Recently I was working on a script, where I needed some other serversettings, and looking back on the way I was doing the above .. …

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Remove a “Dynamics NAV Web Client” (Remove-NAVWebServerInstance)

You might have run into this .. trying to remove a Web Server Instance, but not finding a corresponding PowerShell commandlet for that. As you know, there are LOADS of PowerShell commandlets for server administration. But in the list, there is not a “Remove-NAVWebServerInstance”. This list kind of prooves it: Is it forgotten? I don’t …

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NAV2015: MODIFYALL behaviour on SQL Server

I’ve just spent an evening on something that I noticed earlier in one of my projects that wasn’t clear to me. And when you don’t understand something? You write blogposts, right? You might have figured from the title .. It was regarding the MODIFYALL. Now, long time ago – in 2008 – I wrote a …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Coding Guidelines

It was announced a while back (if I’m not mistaken at NAVTechDays), but today, they are officially published on the NAV Design Patterns Wiki, as anounced by Mark Brummel. Coding guidelines are important .. and they have been there for a long time at Microsoft. One might wonder why it took about 25 years to …

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