“Days of Knowledge” coming up!

A short heads-up! Time is running out, and if you want to be part of it, you’ll have to act fast!

Days of Knowledge 2023 is a series of conferences organized by DirectionsEMEA (aka “Directions4Partners“). The conferences are focused on education, sharing knowledge and “upgrading” Business Central professionals across the industry. Each event consists of 2 conference days packed with sessions, and 1 pre-conference training day.

There are three events in different locations, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

The reason why it’s in 3 locations is simple: to make it as easy and accessible as at all possible for everyone (at least in Europe ;-))

Another good thing is – many people are involved: MVP’s, local heroes, SME’s, .. all to share their knowledge with you, to educate, to discuss. In my opinion, it’s awesome, especially because it’s us, partners, you and me, the ones that are in the field, dealing with customers on a daily basis, creating products on top of Microsoft base, .. that are there, doing these sessions, to pass the knowledge and experience. I LOVE learning from people that have the same challenges like me ;-).

Pre-Conference Days

As I said, these conferences are focused on “training” – much more than DirectionsEMEA – and therefore, DoK (short for “Days of Knowledge”, by the way ;-)) also introduced Pre-Conference trainings this year, on all 3 conferences.  Check them out here:

The seats are limited, so make sure to reserve your seat fast!

Where’s waldo

Well, as you might have guessed – I’ll be at all three conferences, and provide pretty much the same content on all of them.  I’ll have a pre-conference training day about “Coding 4 Performance“, and 2 sessions during the conference.  One with Freddy and Tobias Fenster about the different CI/CD offerings in the community, and an introduction to “Interfaces”, where Vjeko will build upon with his session on “Interfaces on Steroids” ;-).

See you there!

Sidenote – DoK is not the only conference that I’ll do before summer – I’ll be in Directions ASIA again, which I’m very much looking forward to, and of course BCTechDays!  in June this time.  I don’t know if I will be speaking again – that’s still under consideration – but I’ll be doing the Coding4Performance workshop there as well!

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    • Erik Ernst on March 10, 2023 at 5:10 pm
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    The whole purpuse of DOK was to create a conference which could be a place to where both BC consultants, developers and sales/marketing people could keep up-to-date with be BC, without having to visit mulitple conferences. New is that it’s no longer a Friday/Saturday, which originally was done to “share the cost” of sending employees to confencences, between employer and employeer. Don’t really know why they change that part, as it was one thing that set DOK apart from the rest of the BC conferences. (Said someone who was part of setting up and planning the first ever DOK).

      • waldo on March 12, 2023 at 5:29 pm

      Personally, I’m glad, as I wouldn’t have joined all DoKs in that case.. . Spending weekends from home is so much worse than spending weekdays from home…

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