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I got quite a week ahead of me .. .  Not only will I host one session and some workshops .. I will actually host 2 sessions, 2 workshops and an ISV session this year.  What did I get myself into? 🤔

No repeats!

If you look at my session schedule, and you have visited Directions EMEA, well, you might wonder if I’m “just” redelivering content at NAVTechDays.  Well .. No!  Totally not, actually. Without giving away anything – let me try to explain …

Development Methodologies for the future (Thursday 11:30 – 13:00)

First of all, if you attended my session at Directions, you noticed that there, I prepared actually 3 sessions, and the audience chose the topic of that particular session.  I was lucky that all three topics that I prepared were quite equally popular while the audience was voting – so I would be stupid to do just a repeat.  No, I will actually slice a completely different topic as I did on Directions EMEA.  All new content – and more ;-).  More details Thursday at 11:30 during my session ;-).

{Connect App}² (Friday 11:00 – 12:30)

My session with Vjeko at Directions was “Connected Apps” .. .  This one is “Squared” ;-).  Which means: more!  Much more! So, If you attended that one on Directions, and you thought we took it “far” – well – think again!  Just to say, also this one is not a repeat.  How could it be?  At Directions, there were only 45 minutes ;-).


Also this year, I will be hosting workshop during the predays, which I always look forward to.  I just hope that the internet will be good, because I will be quite dependent on it ;-).  I prepare individual Azure VMs for every attendee to make it as comfortable as at all possible .. but that means: internet! ;-).  What I will be doing is something I have been doing quite a lot …

Developing Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Introduction (Tuesday)

For the people that are putting their first steps into AL development.

Developing Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Advanced (Wednesday)

For the people that already have put their first steps .. but still feel they need some guidance for the “stepping” to feel comfortable (if that’s an explanation at all ;-)).

ALOps (Thursday 15:40 – 15:55)

And if that’s not enough .. I’m doing yet another session .. . This one is an ISV session for the product we have been working so hard on to get to the community: ALOps.  We are a Platinum sponsor, which comes with an ISV slot – and I’m looking forward to speak to all people that are interested in “doing decent DevOps for AL easily” ;-).  We will obviously also have a booth at the EXPO – please come by!  We have stickers ;-). And we might just get your pipeline upt and running .. during the conference ;-).

In total, that means I have about 19 hours and 15 minutes of content to deliver on NAVTechDays … .  Again .. what did I get myself into :-/.

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  1. Hope you get a good night sleep before the show. I will unfortunately not attend this year, would have been great to see you ALops session, hopefully this will be recorded.

    I will make sure to tell my colleagues to drop by your booth to get me a sticker or at least see how ALops can help to setup pipelines easily

      • waldo on November 15, 2019 at 10:34 am

      The ISV sessions are not recorded – but I’m planning a few scheduled calls … check Twitter regularly ;-).

  2. Looking forward to your day 2 workshop and visiting your booth – if I can get near it – I expect it to be crowded. Plan to listen to all the sessions – in person for what I can and at home for all the others.

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  3. […] predicted, my NAVTechDays was a bit too busy.  So much content in only a week .. I have to admit – […]

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