New logo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Small message that I just needed to share :-).  As said – I’m prepping my sessions for Directions, which basically means: I’m spending all my free time in “Business Central” these days.  No printing, hardly any social contacts … . 

And while publishing to SaaS, I noticed this when I refreshed my page:

That’s right!  A new logo, people!  (I should say “Icon” actually, but you know what I mean).  Let’s have a closer look:

Doesn’t look bad! Not bad at all .. But it does mean I’ll have to redesign my 3D printed logo ;-).  And I will … I so will .. .  As I said on twitter earlier today: I’m so distracted now that I have to first make sure that I started a new print with a new concept before I can continue prepping my sessions :-).

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  1. Hey Waldo,

    Will you share the 3D file? I also have a 3D printer and I would like to print it 🙂

    Laura Nicolàs

      • waldo on September 27, 2019 at 9:47 am

      There is already a version online:

      And I’ll put my version on it as well. Here is my profile:

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