Are you “Ready To Go”?

Lately I have been involved in a program from Microsoft that I personally think is really useful. That useful that I’m spending my only spare time at a pool (and not in it) in Bangkok to tell you about it.

The Ready To Go Program

If you are a partner for Dynamics NAV, you must have heard about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by now. Whether you like it or not (and I do…), it is a major shift in about everything that has to do in the area we have been doing it. And you might wonder on how to make that shift with your company – which can be seen as a serious challenge. Not because it’s hard to do – just because there are so much more new possibilities on top of what we have been doing for so long.. . All of a sudden there is something called “AppSource” – what to do with that? How to get there? What is it FCOL?

Well – don’t worry – Microsoft is here to help you – by initiating the “Ready To Go” program. One that in my opinion, every partner should at least be aware of (therefore this blogpost ;-)). My company have been involved in this program quite heavily – it has taken a lot of time, travels, preparation, coaching, recordings, … and still does. But that also makes me so proud of it, because we are starting to see the result! (yet another reason of this blog …).

What is it?

The “Ready To Go” Program is designed to support you in bringing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers into Microsoft Appsource. And it does that with these three components:

  • The “Ready To Go” online learning – there is a huge amount of hours of content online (mainly the Dynamics Leaning Portal), all at your disposal! Not only for developers, but also for marketeers, business decision makers, (pre)sales, architects and consultants.  An overview of the materials can be found in this pdf document.
  • The “Ready To Go” coaching – an initiative from the ISV Development Centers together with Microsoft, to coach wherever needed. For example I have been involved in loads of trainings in quite some countries (Today I’m in Bangkok for my next training, and I just arrived here from Dubai, where I did my previous one – while Daniel is in Hongkong, and will do Manilla after that). But we also do online coaching by evaluating your product, and guide you into the next steps forward. The ISV Development Centers are:

    I included the link for all of them! We have all the same kind of offering for the same price, when it comes down to coaching you to AppSource. Because we all believe in the cause: getting you to the cloud is much more important that starting to compete in the service to do that.

  • The “Ready To Go” platform – There is a platform to support you in all you need – where most importantly: the necessary dev-environments for Business Central. Not only the current, upcoming and daily builds – but also a feedback platform to the engineers working on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All you need to do is getting yourself registered on “Microsoft Collaborate” and off you go!

More information

Now, the above is actually a summary of what you can find here on Microsoft Docs. I would advice to carefully read through it, and start making sure you are “Ready To Go” as well! Good Luck!

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    • M on March 13, 2020 at 5:25 pm
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    This program is just a completely unnecessary hurdle. Just let us download the god damn preview images. BC16 is a month out and there’s no official image for us to use? Are you fucking kidding me? That is hot garbage! Then they have the audacity to fucking blame ISVs for being too slow. We’re trying, but MS keeps throwing rocks to slow us down.
    Had to vent somewhere.

    1. You should go to Microsoft with your concerns. Most partners have had access to collaborate for years and I haven’t heard complains (other than the first signup being problematic in a few cases). So if partners make sure that they have access to collaborate in due time before release, they can find DVD images for onprem and docker images for sandbox there. If you are struggling with access now, you should direct you constructive feedback to Microsoft.

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