Autonumber Objects in AL

I recently discovered what appears to be an undocumented feature in the current version of the al language extension (aka, the “Modern Dev”, aka DynDev365, aka ExtensionV2, aka VSCode Development Tools for Microsoft Dynamics NAV). And that is “Automatic Object Numbering”

On any objecttype, when enforcing intellisense, you get the lowest available number that was defined in the app.json.


Consider this example, where I have this config in the app.json:

When creating some tables, it gives me the lowest available number in intellisense:

It’s just a matter of engaging intellisense at the right context..(CTRL+Space). It works obviously also when putting your objects in individual files.

Does it also work for fieldnumbers?

What ya think? Of course it does :-). Here is proof:

From which version is it available?

This is obviously part of the functionality of the VSCode extension, which is still under heavy development (although able to use for NAV2018 development though …). I’m personally using version 0.13.15836, which I think is the anniversary update:

Good stuff! Keep it comin’ 🙂

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