AL with VSCode: Symbol Rename

When you’re a NAV developer, you’re not really spoiled with developer tools. So these are exciting times .. and I think I can speak for many developers when claiming I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming developer tools.

Basically because it brings us VSCode .. and VSCode brings us a grown up development experience.

Symbol Rename

On example is the “Symbol Rename”. You can do that by simply press F2 (or right mouse click / Rename Symbol), and give the symbol another name. It will rename that symbol accross files – and yes, also when the file is not opened.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at this example. It’s the “Hello World” sample on the NAV Development Preview VM, where I’ll rename a few functions – one that is used within the file itself, and one that is used in another file:


Cool stuff!

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