Directions ASIA and NAVUG Summit EMEA

It’s not conference season and yet .. I have never been this busy during this part of the year for conferences. That must mean that new stuff (conferences that is..) is coming up. Let’s spend a very short blogpost on what’s coming up for me..

Directions ASIA

In fact, at this very moment, I’m on the plane to Bangkok. The EMEA team is organizing its event for the first time in ASIA. I don’t know at all what the experience is going to be like – but I’m looking forward to it! It’s also the first time that I will be traveling for 30 hours, with a 6-hour time difference .. for only being there for 72-hours. Let’s just hope Mr. Migraine stays home ;-).

Anyway – I was asked to do some sessions – so who am I to refuse this wonderful opportunity ;-).

My Sessions

The sessions (and workshop) are quite the same as I did for Directions EMEA and US:

  • My First Extension
  • Bad habits of NAV developers
  • Building Extensions with PowerShell (workshop)

After the sessions in US and EMEA, I should be able to do these with two fingers in my nose (which I don’t know this is a valid English expression – but you know what I mean (no literally ;-))).


And there will be NAVUG Summit EMEA in two weeks. This is going to be a whole different concept and experience for me. NAVUG is a “User Group” – so focus is not ISVs or Partners, but customers! A whole different set of questions, interests, focus, … . This is going to be interesting. I just hope I will be able to fill the expectations with my two sessions:

  • Are Extensions the future of Dynamics NAV? – I will be co-presenting this one with Mark Brummel
  • PowerShell: Keep Calm and Script On
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