Learn NAV PowerShell during your coffee breaks

060515_0952_LearnNAVPow1.pngJust wanted to point your attention to a great initiative of some people at Microsoft, that is trying to help you getting along with PowerShell. They try to do this under the concept:”Learn PowerShell during your Coffee Breaks” :-). Great idea, great initiative, and it should get to most attention that it can get. My fellow blogger and NAV MVP Aleksandar Totovic already mentioned this on his blog as well .. and I wanted to do the same. In fact, I wanted you to have something to do during this weekend 😉

Here is the list that is already online:

And here are a few links that can help you find articles on PowerShell on:

If you have more, don’t hesitate and just mention it in the comments below :-).

Happy reading this weekend!

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