Microsoft Dynamics NAV Coding Guidelines

It was announced a while back (if I’m not mistaken at NAVTechDays), but today, they are officially published on the NAV Design Patterns Wiki, as anounced by Mark Brummel.

Coding guidelines are important .. and they have been there for a long time at Microsoft. One might wonder why it took about 25 years to actually publish them 🙂 (I guess now many partners have developed their own guidelines, right?).

Well, everything aside .. they are here now, even in two forms! Mark created a video about it, which you can find below.

Furthermore, it’s on the NAV Design Patterns Wiki .

Now, on the wiki, it looks like I created all of them. That is not the case. All I did was copy/paste it to separate pages. Why did I do that? Well, I’m not OK with all of them, and I wanted to be able for you (and me :-)) to give comments. And that’s possible now because they’re split up, so please do give comments. It’s always interesting to see different opinions on this subject.

Here is the video:


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