OneNote just saved my day

I’m a heavy OneNote user. About everything I do, is in OneNote. I’m a fan from the first minute. And even more today! Because, OneNote just saved my day :-).

What happened?

I had been working on an improved Backup/Restore script for a number of weeks – just in my free time, whenever I was in the mood, I was adding/changing/.. stuff to the script. Always saving it in OneNote, where I have a huge collection of (mostly unfinished) scripts.. .

Nevertheless, a few days ago, I finished that particular script in two parts: a Backup script and a Restore script. It was not perfect, but I was happy. (yes, will blog about it … ;-)).

I don’t know how I did it, but somehow, I completely lost the Backup-part by overwriting it by the Restore-script :-/. I must have copy/pasted it wrong .. anyway I had two Restore-scripts, and no Backup script :-/. And as my OneNote is in O365, synched with multiple devices, I don’t take regular backups of my OneNotes.

What OneNote-option did the trick?

Well, I didn’t set up anything for this – I only have OneNote on my O365-SkyDrive, so I was hoping on some kind of “Version Control” .. and it took only a few seconds to find the “Show Page Versions”:

I clicked it, and there was my backup script!

I’m soooo relieved that I decided to share! I don’t know what you have to do to set it up .. or how to enable/disable it .. but just know that it’s there and it can save your day as well :-).

Have a nice weekend!

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