Where’s waldo?

It has been a while since I have done some serious blogging. Well .. it has been quite a busy period where a lot has happened both within the NAV community in my private life.

Little waldo

By far the most important event was the birth of my third son. THIRD – oh my .. I didn’t see that coming when I was 20 years younger ;-). Lex is his name, and I really adore him.. . And from what I have learned from all the little waldo’s that I have .. is that you can’t start teaching them the right values soon enough .. this was day two:

As you know, to “fit the new kid” is a handful. I had to finish two rooms in my house to be able to put away one extra kid.. . Seems strange but that’s how it is, and what I have been doing the last weeks and months before Lex was born. And there was one particular project where I was – and still am – so proud of .. my dad and me built two stairs from a raw tree. And as pictures say more than a thousand words .. from this tree:

We built two stairs (one for each room):

And that all from scratch. So so proud, and my kids really love their new room. That’s why you’re doing it for, right?

Providing a room for my oldest kids meant that Lex had his very own room as well .. So we’re all set – at least all except paint ;-).

NAVTechDays & MVP Summit

Lex is almost 2 months old now, so my girl and me are getting the hang of it .. Lex is doing fine .. which means .. It’s possible to get busy again. You might have read all about NAVTechDays .. which for me was quite a busy period .. so busy that it cost me two days of migraine .. but all so worth it ;-). Well, after NAVTechDays, Mark Brummel and I decided to give the MVP Summit a shot. And that was quite an interesting experience. No NAV at the Summit, but all other Microsoft products (from Flight Simulator MVP’s to OneNote MVP’s) were there. We felt ourselves real “party crashers”, as we have crashed several parties about Azure, O365, C#, Visual Studio, GP, … . So interesting to see the pain points other product groups have, and realizing that it’s not so green on the other side of the fence at all 😉 (not that we had to be convinced of that). Let me tell you one thing: the “small” team of NAV is moving MOUNTAINS compared with anything else I’ve seen.. ;-).

One picture from the “NAV Twins” .. as people are starting to call us 😉

How do I…

I did a poll on my website (it’s still the current poll) and this was the result:

First of all .. 99 voters is quite amazing in the NAV world – so first of all a big thanks for voting! Second .. it showed me that creating video’s is about as interesting for you guys then creating blog posts. As I have been doing the latter for 7 years already .. I decided to throw myself into the creating of some video’s, as I have been doing so for already 4 video’s. And all this, in collaboration with Plataan. So yes, the next several weeks, blogs will be low, but video’s will be created. In fact, I confirmed that I will create an additional 17 video’s for Plataan.. . It’s going to be a busy next 15 weeks ;-).

So .. that’s where waldo has been, and waldo will be for the next weeks. Glad to be able to finally share the birth of my beautiful son ..

Stay tuned .. :-).

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    • Dave Machanick on November 27, 2013 at 2:37 am
    • Reply

    And he can admire the outfit when he gets older.

    BTW – last time I knew everything was when I was 17.

  1. Amazing output, meaning both kid and stairs 😉
    Congrats again!

  2. Welcome Back! MVP Summit was awesome.

  3. Rolling, rolling, rolling … Good to “read you around”. 😉

  4. congrats waldo… 🙂

    • kriki on November 28, 2013 at 4:49 pm
    • Reply

    Congratulations Waldo!

    I see you use PRS on your third son! 🙂

    • Wilbert on November 29, 2013 at 8:08 am
    • Reply

    Congratulations Waldo

    Great Job

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