NAV2013R2 release date and more..

I’m not present at Directions EMEA at this moment, so it’s a bit info from second hand for me .. but nevertheless, there were a few great announcements, which I want to share as well.

I say “as well” because other people have been doing that too .. :). Here you can find a great written blogpost (what else do you expect from Gary, right?): Big Bang in Vienna: NAV in O365 and on Azure. Gary is at Directions at the moment, and I think we can expect some litterature in the next few days … .

NAV in O365, on Azure

Gary shared this picture.

It comes down to a transparancy in Office365, where poeple are working with NAV as they would be working with Word or Excel. How cool is that. Gary goes much deeper into it .. be sure to read his remarks!

Here’s a screenshot (from msdynamicsworld):


Another great announcement is one that I have been working with quite a lot lately: multitenancy. In a way, think of it as you have on application (objects) and multiple database (customer data) that you connect to this one application. This is a complete new (or let’s say: “enhanced”) architecture that is being introduced in NAV2013R2, and is going to make your life easier in upgrades, maintainability, … .

I have been creating some “How Do I”-video’s about how to do all this in NAV2013R2 .. which will be published in the next few weeks/months .. .

NAV 2013 R2 Release date: October, 31st (or may be earlier)

October 31st seems to be the date to look out for .. Or even may be earlier (as stated by Gary in his blog). It’s at least something we’re looking out for. I suppose you do too!

This was my short summary of what has been announced. I do however strongly suggest you read Gary’s post about it, or even these resources:

Which (should be) first hand information 🙂

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