I’ll be back

I realize I haven’t been blogging too much lately. It has a few reasons .. but only one very important and completely cool reason: In a month, my third son will be born (after two fantastic kids, I will have a third little waldo – can you imagine? :-)). When living in an old house, this usually means: rebuilding stuff to “fit the new kid”. And that usually means: an insane amount of work. And then knowing my ability to plan stuff .. an insane amount of work in a short time… 

Directions EMEA

And that also has other consequences. I was one of the few people that attended all of the Directions EMEA conventions. And loved them. This year (in a few days) it will be in Vienna, and it will be the first (and hopefully the only) that I will miss out.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean that PRS is out .. with a “gang of four”, that would be quite hard to do. No, in fact, we (partner ready software) DO have a session, which I strongly advice you to go to (at least, if you’re a bit serious about NAV development ;-)). The session is called “NAV Secret Code”. Expect to learn a lot on patterns!

Directions US

The “New Kid on the Block” also prevents me to go NashVille, where Directions US is being held this year. Also there, Mark, Gary and Vjeko will be present (so let’s call them the “NAV Gang of three” this time) to do that session. I can’t wait for the recordings – if there will be any :-).


I WILL be present on NAVTechDays though .. and some interesting details are to be shared on that – which will come in a separate blogpost when I’m allowed to share.

How Do I Video’s

Last reason why I haven’t been blogging lately, is the fact that I have been involved in creating How-Do-I video’s, in collaboration with Plataan. That was (in my opinion) a huge, but worthwile community effort, which – let’s say – replaces the work on blogs ;-).

Me personally, I love watching video’s for getting me started in a topic. But then again, it depends on the topic. That made me wonder. How do you feel about that? What do you prefer? Video’s? Written blogs? Books? Trainings? … . I decided to start a poll, so please complete the poll and let me know ;-).

A separate blogpost will follow on the video’s when they got published. In the meanwhile, all I can say is:

I’ll be back!

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  1. Just be glad you don’t have 15 rooms. 😉

    Enjoy the time and rest asure that we take care of your responsibilities.

  2. Great news, Waldo! 🙂

    Concerning your video question:
    Videos are great and help a lot, but they have one big disadvantage (and I know you won’t believe me, but I promise it’s true): in some companies, it is not possible to watch videos due to firewall settings, too low bandwidth a.s.o. Yes, too low bandwidth to even stream a rather little video … I’ve seen it all!
    Another point is, that it always easier to understand written than spoken English, no matter how well and slowly you speak.
    That’s why I suggest to provide texts as well – please 🙂

  3. :-). Thanks, Natalie.

    and be sure to fill in the poll (if you haven’t).

    I can understand what you say, but doint the work twice is not really efficient, is it ;-). great feedback!

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