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NAV 2017: All Published Events

A while ago, I posted all published events for NAV2016. Now, with the release of NAV2017, let’s do the same for this version.

I’m using the same tool as last year to analyze code. This assures that I can get a lot more than just the subscribers – like last time, I get:

  • Which events are there
  • How many times are they raised
  • Where are they declared
  • Where are they raised

While we had 128 events in NAV2016, we see now that we have 226 events on NAV2017. A lot more, but definitely not enough just yet.

Here they are .. enjoy!

(please notice the first event “OnEditInExcel”, which seems to be some kind of platform event that isn’t raised anywhere in code… )



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  1. Christian

    Hi Waldo,
    in a NAV2017W1 Version, I search (with an Editor) for [Integration] in a TXT File (with All Objects) and find 186 Integration Events…do you use your script for the Belgium Version?

    1. waldo

      I did indeed execute my script on the BE database. But in terms of events, this shouldn’t be different. I’ll check.

      But .. searching on [Integration] is not enough. Have a look at this script:

      That is my first version, which is only going to search the textfile.. . You’ll see that I search on ”  [Integration” and ”  [Business” in case there are Business events.

      Hope that helps..

  2. Christian

    Hi Waldo,

    thanks for the script… and your are right…Problem from my site… for example: Tabel 232 Function: OnGeneralJournalBatchBalanced

    OBJECT Table 232 Gen. Journal Batch [Integration(TRUE)] LOCAL PROCEDURE OnGeneralJournalBatchBalanced@15();

    I did only serach for [Integration] … that was the mistake…

    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards

    1. waldo

      Y’re welcome 🙂

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