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The Hooks Pattern

The Hooks Pattern
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You remember NAVTechDays, right? The place where a lot begins, and a lot happens. :-)

Well, I explained in my wrap-up of NAVTechDays2013 that there was (some) attention on something called “The Hooks Pattern”. Because of that – I dedicated a topic, specifically on the Hooks-pattern (which was also handled during our Pre-Conference Day workshop on “Development Best Practices for creating Partner Ready Software“). This seemed to have been a good thing, because we got quite some feedback on it, like “dude, you just solved my million dollar question” :-).

Where can I find this pattern?

Since a while now, I have published the Hooks Pattern on the Wiki. (“The Wiki”? Sure, the Wiki about NAV Design Patterns. You know .. you can find it here. Check it out, read it, and enjoy!)

What can this “Hooks Pattern” do for you?

Well .. in my opinion, quite a lot. We implemented this pattern internally in our product in kind of an “insane” way. Or let’s say “quite obsessively” .. or let’s say “very consequently” (that sounds more positive ;-)).

And with result: we were able to do a localization from W1 to BE in less then 30 minutes merging (which took us up to a minimum of 2 days with our old product – which only differs in design). After this localization, we did an upgrade to NAV2013R2 (which changed about +1400 objects, of which we changed 337 objects. So 337 objects to merge, which we did in 15 minutes. I must admit, we did all this with the Mergetool, which does a great job in combination with this pattern.. .

So .. I’m sticking to the pattern in the same insanely, obsessive consequence.. :-).

Any remarks are always welcome!

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