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NAV Update Rollups for additional countries AT, BE, CH, ES, FI, IS, and NO

I just received great news. Since NAV2013, Microsoft has introduced a great new initiative: the update rollups: a set of changes, combined in a “rollup”. This, for both Platform Hotfixes (a new build of the platform (Windows Client, Dev Env, …)) and Application Hotfixes (or in other words: code fixes). Now, obviously, all countries can …

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Platform updates overview – NAV 2013 (R2)

Why am I still doing this? It’s been far too long that I updated this list .. . And there are perfect alternative links, like simply going to PartnerSource, where you can find an Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. Now, I do recommend that you use that exact location, …

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Platform updates overview – NAV2013

When I was documenting the platform updates, I realized that there aren’t that many platform updates for NAV2009 anymore. Therefore, I decided to create a new page for it on the menu above on this blog. You can find it here now (Above menu / Dynamics NAV / Platform Updates / NAV2009..).

For NAV2013, there ARE (quite) a few new updates, so please do check this list when you have problems.

Last month, I have been in contact with Microsoft for a problem I documented a while ago, about CurrFieldNo behaving quite strange. I came across the same issues when creating a new product for iFacto, and I took a chance in reporting it once again. It doesn’t make sense to work around issues when trying to implement decent architecture, does it? Well, it resulted into a bugfix, but it hasn’t been made public, yet. In the meanwhile, this is going to be the link where the upgrade will come: https://mbs2.microsoft.com/Knowledgebase/KBDisplay.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;2888350.

For the rest: enjoy!

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Platform updates overview – NAV2013

Yesterday, the Platform updates for NAV2009 were updated. Today, it’s the turn of NAV2013.

When I was updating the list, these two interesting hotfixes came to my attention. I thought it was interesting to mention them here as well:

•Release of rollups for NAV 2013
•How to install a NAV2013 update rollup

Well, this is not a Platform update, but nevertheless, an interesting development, as Microsoft is making it easier for (some of) us by bundling a bunch of code-changes in one “rollup”.

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Platform updates overview – NAV2009

As you might have seen, I have added a “platform updates” on my top menu. I will never update the non-released platform updates anymore – and the idea is that I “store” them there – still for your reference.. .

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Platform updates overview – NAV2009

As mentioned earlier, I have split up the Platform Updates list into the different versions of NAV. Here is the NAV2009 version.

When going through the KB articles, I also found this one quite interesting: A costing hotfix rollup is available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It doesn’t really qualify as a “Platform Update”, but still, I think it’s very interesting to give it enough attention.. .

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Platform updates overview – 3.70 – 5.0SP1

To complete my split-up list of Platform Updates, here is the rest .. . Obviously, nothing has been changed on this, as it involves unsupported versions of NAV. But still, it’s interesting to know what has been solved in the past.. .

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Platform updates overview – NAV2013

Hey there .. Finally an updated list. A very new list this time, because I decided to split it into different parts – it was just becoming too big for one blogpost (it was even influencing the performance of my Wordpress-site ;-)). The title should give you an impression.. : As there are so many new platform updates coming out .. I decided to create a blogpost per major NAV version. Hope you (still?) like it.. 😉

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Platform updates overview – 3.70.B – NAV2013 (Updated 3)

Finally a new release of “the list”. Not an easy one once again, especially because about all the KB articles of this year are not accessible (at least not for me…). So this is not a complete list. I’ve sent the problem to Microsoft, and hope to have an updated list soon.

In the meanwhile, I’ve based myzelf on the Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. although, that list is not correct, though, as it shows the same build for all the errors that were solved :-/. As you can see .. Maintaining a list like this is a challenge ;-). I corrected it..

For NAV2013, I would like to point your attention to the following KB article 2771000: “The application objects unexpectedly contain Microsoft internal change log comments in localized versions”. This means: if you’re upgrading your product or customer .. You’ll spare lots of work if you import these objects first, before you start your merge-process.

To end with, I found KB2790672 quite interesting as well. Many people and products rely on the fact to be able to use temp (buffer) as much as they want, as these do not have to be included in the license. Build 34064 is going to solve that for you.. .

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Platform updates overview – 3.70.B – NAV2013 (Updated 2)

Finally found some time to refresh my list of Platform Updates (thanks to the heavy traffic of this evening in Belgium ;-)). 178 hotfixes later, I have to notice that there are not so many platform updates anymore. :-).

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