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NAV2013R2: Extended Version List

This is something many partners have been wanting for a long time. With NAV2013R2, it’s finally happening: Finally it’s possible to put more then 80 characters in the Version List column in the Object Designer. The field has been extended to 248 characters, as you can see below: The Object Table in NAV2013 The Object …

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NAV2013R2 release date and more..

I’m not present at Directions EMEA at this moment, so it’s a bit info from second hand for me .. but nevertheless, there were a few great announcements, which I want to share as well. I say “as well” because other people have been doing that too .. :). Here you can find a great …

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I’ll be back

I realize I haven’t been blogging too much lately. It has a few reasons .. but only one very important and completely cool reason: In a month, my third son will be born (after two fantastic kids, I will have a third little waldo – can you imagine? :-)). When living in an old house, …

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