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NAVTechDays 2015: Final thougths

Time for the traditional wrap-up of NAVTechDays. This has become a tradition, so let’s not break this tradition and let’s share some thoughts about the conference of what I have been calling “the best NAV conference there is” ;-). Well .. is it still? đŸ˜‰ As every year, NAVTechDays was held in one of the …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Services for Partners

Not a lot of time to blog about the next big announcement, announced at the second day of Directions EMEA, because I’m actually preparing my session still a little bit.. . I should, because network connection is a problem, and I was kind of depending on it.. :(. What is the big announcement: Microsoft Dynamics …

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Directions EMEA 2015: Workflow for Developers

Here a short story of the session that I attended about “Workflow for Developers” by Stuart Glasson. During the ACE program, I haven’t been working with Workflow that much. I have been involved with Eventing and Extensions quite a lot, but no Workflow. Now, I know that the new Workflow functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 available TODAY!

Today was the day where we have been looking out for for months! Directions EMEA Key Note session .. and for months, this day was assumed to be THE day that the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV would be announced, with all its exciting new features both in the product and in the platform. …

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A busy conference season is about to start…

It’s going to be a busy end-of-the-year for most of us. Why Microsoft insists to do conferences during the busiest period of the year for most partners, I don’t know – I guess they don’t really realize that – but nevertheless, this busy time in the year, is also the most interesting time in the …

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NAV TechDays 2014

I’m ashamed. I call myself a Microsoft Dynamics NAV blogger .. and I barely have time for it. :(. Anyway .. I finally put all the work aside .. and made time for it. NAV TechDays 2014 is already over for quite some time .. already two weeks! After each NAV TechDays conference, I tell …

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Directions EMEA 2014: Final Thoughts

Boy I’m busy :-/. Since the very minute I arrived back in Belgium from this convention, I have been working on going live with one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever done… . But that’s probably for another blogpost :-). Directions EMEA… It’s been a heavy convention for me. Not one minute of peace …

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Directions US 2014 Final thoughts

It has been a week already since the latest Directions convention in the US has ended .. and only now I have the time to wrap it up.. . This was a CRAZY busy convention for me. Too bad, because it leaves less time to really enjoy the sessions .. . En there were enough …

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Directions US: NAV 2015 is coming October 1st!

I must be getting old. There were conventions I reported about every session .. during the session. But now I don’t seem to find any time to start reporting anything anymore :-/. We’re day two already at NAV Directions 2014 in San Diego .. so there has been already quite some content. NAV 2015 is …

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Dutch Dynamics Community Event – December 10th

A little bit of advertisement never hurts :-). On December 10th, the DDC (Dutch Dynamics Community) is organizing its next event. I really love the way they are handling stuff: really down-to-earth evening events with real content. And that’s what I expect from this event as well. Well .. I do have some of the …

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