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I’m on my way to Orlando as I write this post. For quite some time, Irma – and apparently a local storm today in Belgium – made it very unsure if there was going to be a “Directions US” this year for me. I’m very much looking forward meeting all the nice people again over there.

This blog is about a very specific session that I need to do there – something that (in my knowledge) hasn’t been done before at any Directions. A pretty neat idea from Microsoft, which I immediately accepted to give it a go :-).

a PowerShell Combat (with Dynamics 365 Components)

This is going to be on your workshop-list.  I’m not entirely sure you need to register – but if you do .. be quick ;-).

Basically, we would like to make it fun for the nerds among us, we’re going to have a little contest. We’ll do two things.

First of all, the stage is yours. I’ll give you the chance to show your coolest PowerShell solution that you have ever built – and you’ll have the chance to demo it. I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if anyone will come up – I surely do hope so – but in any case, I’ll prepare some of my own.

Next, if there is time at least – I’ll give you an assignment where you can work on. First (decent) solution wins!

You see, PowerShell knowledge is required before you enter ;-).

Funny enough, I’m still working on getting some prizes for the session, but I have some time to sort that out with Microsoft.

Let’s have some fun! Be prepared! And see you there!

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  1. Pitty that I will not be there… 🙂

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