Platform updates overview – NAV 2015

Here you go – once again an updated list on the platform updates of NAV 2015. Enjoy!

Version Build No. KB number Info
NAV 2015 RTM





Cumulative update 1 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Build 38457)

The Windows client crashes after pressing ALT+TAB.

Promoted actions jump to the initial ribbon location in a multiple action group scenario.

Request to port the whole thing from Dynamics NAV 2015 including the service and the FindEmail function.

Win 8 Shim: WebView communicator may not be able navigate.

[Backport]Imprecise taps on non-scrollable elements dont register.

It is not possible to resize lines in the Windows client when a FastTab is invisible.

“PivotFields method of PivotTable class failed” error message when exporting to Excel.

“The tenant ‘myTenant’ was not found.” error message when you try to connect to a server configured with AAD authentication and the tenant was specified as a URL parameter.

AAD authentication for WinJS NAV app is prone to stop working if AAD internal implementation changes.

CreteACU1-Assembly streaming does not work when an empty target folder already exists.

CreteACU1-[SCOM ]server needs to log events about the tenant state. Currently, it logs informations that the server is operational even if it is not.

CreteACU1-The upgrade table can have a different number of fields as PK compared with the old table.

Interactive sorting is not possible on some FlowFields.

If tables are exported while they are out of sync. and imported again while they are still out of sync., the tables will be created with the wrong design (The new design).

The Web client crashes when opening a page with two repeaters.

A web service based on a codeunit does not consider the user’s language settings when formatting output.

The Windows client crashes when you rename a company if the database collation is set to case insensitive.

Processing of shortcut keys in the web browser control used by the Windows client is not enabled.

When you find an operation on a page with a tree view structure, the default field name in the find dialog box can be the wrong one.

Adding a separator to a Cue group action in the development environment causes the Windows client to crash.

The DotNet nullable double variable in addin is not recognized as a decimal.

Tree view hides a line when using the German language and shows half a line when using the English language.

The Windows client crashes when you enable the ShowAsTree property for Repeater groups on pages that are used for advanced lookup.

Incorrect data can be saved after refreshing the page after an error message appeared.

Export-NAVApplication PowerShell command fails with version error.

Compiling Add-Ins in Dynamics NAV 2015 does not work due to incorrect settings in finsql.exe.config file.

The Export-NavapplicationObject commandlet cannot export on a localized development environment.

Filters being changed between a list and card page prohibits successive inputs from a bar code reader or scanner when informational messages are displayed.

Azure Active Directory authentication in China does not work for the Windows client.

The development environment requires all parameters in order to compile objects with DotNet function calls even when some of the parameters are optional.

The Internet Information Server application pool crashes when you enable hostname-based tenant resolution and specify a different tenant name in the web client URI.

“The tenant ‘myTenant’ was not found.” error message when you try to connect to a server configured with AAD authentication and hostname-based tenant resolution.

PromotedActionCategoriesML is not exported in translation.

NullReferenceException in Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ClientService.NavClientServiceSessionManager.GetTenantIdFromCurrentRequest

Old PersonalizationStore file cannot be used when opening the Bank Account Reconcilliation page.

Word reporting – Improvements to dialogs and layout editing

“There are no NAV Server instances available for this database…” error message when you run an object from the development environment.

“SqlConnection does not support parallel transactions” error message when full SQL tracing is enabled.

The BusinessGrid adaptive layout sometimes does not work properly if the scroll bar becomes visible.

Change the modern app from version 1.0 to version 1.1.

Improved connection URL format

Show existing URL when the user is returned to the welcome screen.

CreteACU1-SqlException when Start-NavDataUpgrade – New request is not allowed to start because it should come with a valid transaction descriptor.

“A security filter has been applied to table <table name>. You cannot access records that are outside of this filter” error message when you try to access records inside a filter.

Word reporting – Improvements to automatic layout update

The Windows client crashes sporadically.

An empty group is still visible in a FactBox.

Co-branded names may be truncated, for example to MS, if they are too long.




An old PersonalizationStore file cannot be used when opening the Bank Account Reconciliation page.

An empty group is still visible in a FactBox.

Co-branded names may be truncated, for example to MS, if they are too long.

Include support for ClientType in the Format and Evaluate functions.

RTC crashes when closing after some time of inactivity.

“The requested record cannot be located” error message when you open a notification through a Role Center page.

The Restore Defaults function on a Role Center in configuration mode does not restore defaults for users of the configuration.

“The property exceeds the buffer size” error message in the development environment when you compile a Role Center page with many action groups and actions.

List pages do not refresh automatically in the North American version.

“The text is too long” error message when importing a translation.

Disabling Help hyperlinks on captions

The Windows client crashes with ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

Windows Client crash after entering notes within OneNote

The Windows client uses old version of IE in client add-ins.

A page with an add-in does not release memory.

Dynamic behavior controlling visibility and enabled/disabled on actions added via configuration or personalization does not work.

Online Document Storage does not work when mixing Office 365 subscription and NAV locales.

Developers need new options for handling option fields in OData results in multi-language environments.

During RapidStart upgrade, the Code commandlet produced extra brackets, and OCX did not preserve the subtype.

If you enter a long URL in the Link Address field on the Links page, then it cannot be launched using the globe icon.

Cues do not truncate overflowing counts.

Introduce a build version check between NST and Windows and Web clients.

Configure NST to turn off SmartSQL.

In some circumstances the Windows Store App crashes when you choose the navigate back button.

Field values for the Autoincrement field are not upgraded properly. A value of 10000 is changed to 1.

“The property exceeds the buffer size” error message when you compile a page object.

The app can now connect to a server on localhost using HTTP. This is intended for one-box demo deployments such as demoing on Surface Pro 3.

The object metadata is out of sync every time you recompile a table object with the Linkedobjects property set to Yes.

Update the internal Word-to-PDF format engine to the current version.

Add-in controls do not go to the next record when you press Enter, because Enter is used to jump to the next field on a page.

Document reports using static images in Word headers or footers may not render the images correctly in multi-document reports.

Severe performance degradation when you run Application Merge Utilities powershell commands.




The user receives an error message when exporting to Excel.

Document reports using static images in Word headers or footers may not render the images correctly in multi-document reports.

It is possible to return the product version and product name with the new GetBuildVersion command for finsql.exe.

Administration shell cmdlet Set-NAVWebServerInstanceConfiguration has no TimeZone key.

Some SharePoint parts do not load when connecting to a cold NAV Server in SharePoint Portal.

Collapse/expand the General FastTab moves the focus to the Lines FastTab.

Disabling Data Caching

Cannot run a Date Picker control for worksheets and list pages on a tablet.

“Unable to convert from System.Double to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.Decimal18” error message when you try to assign xlRange.Value to a C/AL decimal field.

“The following SQL error was unexpected. Invalid column name ‘Balance (LCY)'” error message when you use SETPERMISSIONFILTER with security filters.

Lookup to a FlowField of type Date returns Date + Time on request pages.

Unable to remove action items through ribbon configuration

Wrong shortcut actions when editing fields in a list

“The requested record cannot be located” error message when you open a notification.

When you run the Nonstock Items function to add a non-stock item to a second order line, no values are returned.

The Windows client hangs at start-up when using a Citrix environment.

“The filter “<><>” on the Variant Code field in the Lot numbers by Bin Buffer table has no possible values.” error message when you filter on lines on a Warehouse Put-away page that has the Lot Numbers By Bin Filter FactBox.

Import-NAVData does not create a trigger on the Object Metadata table.

“The following SQL error was unexpected. Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘Primary’.” error message when you change the Compressed property to NO on a field of data type BLOB.

Microsoft Social Listening integration

Boolean filter moves across the screen.

The Windows client crashes when filtering.

F8 does not copy the previous value in the Swiss database.

Wasted space between dialog caption and field group in the Tablet client

NumberFormatManager does not always work as documented for non-ascending format IDs.

XML Port export Issue. Error “Argument was out of range: Non-negative number required” when exporting large Data.

Filters in URL are not applied to ODATA db queries.

Compiling application objects fails when NAS is running.

The Notes part is very slow when many users exist.

The ERROR C/AL statement does not execute as expected in some scenarios.

“The record already exists” when you create a new customer from the Sales Info-Pane FactBoc




Execute permission error when using pages bound to a temporary table that are outside the range of the license.

User gets an error in some cases when editing a note.

Codeunits that contain a function with a parameter of type NAV object cannot be published as a web service.

The tablet client may crash when you open a page containing a repeater.

XmlPort.Run leaves a temporary file in the server user’s temporary folder when data export is completed.

Invalid conversion error when using Word Interop with a dialog

Multiple table rows in repeater does not work in Word reporting.

Time field shows AssistEdit button and calls the Date Picker in the web client.

The Windows client closes unexpectedly when assigning a FieldRef field with a value of type TableFilter.

It is not possible to add Administrators Windows group to a user of type Windows Group.

Renaming a company does not work correctly.

Web client translations are not correct in the Turkish version.

Compiler errors can occur in some circumstances when using DotNet variables.

Frozen page

Font embedding is always on.

The Save View As feature does not save filter values in some cases.

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