Directions US 2012 Kicked off

Just a quick, small, blogpost…

Directions US 2012 in Phoeninx kicked of yesterday .. and yet again, it’s a promising. 600 attendees are representing the NAV Partner Community here, and will attend the next 3 days in numerous interesting sessions. 3 busy days :-).

I find it a good idea to start the convention during the weekends. I know for some people, weekends are “not-to-be-touched-free-time-with-the-family”. But on the other hands .. For business people, it means: not too much time I loose at the office.

The Key Note

… was good. Very good even.

  • Many applauses ..
  • Not really any announcement (yet?)
  • Many thank you’s
  • A strong focus of Paul White on the SMB market..
  • A brief overview of what has been changed in the product

And .. for the last time in history of Dynamics NAV .. Dan Brown speaking. I have been talking to quite many people of the development team, and I can conclude one thing: Dan will be missed by it’s ex-colleagues. Here’s Dan in action on his last presentation for the NAV community:


Indeed, on crutches. Don’t know what happened, but Paul White said during his introduction: “that happens when you work for AX”. 🙂

Dan talked about all the things he achieved with his team during the last 4,5 years .. and that was quite a lot. He also supported the new focus .. the so-called “changed” focus to the SMB market. The focus to rapidly implement NAV in stead of long-lasting implementations and services .. because “the customers wants this. And if we (as NAV) don’t do it .. the competition most certainly will .. .” Dan referred to this quote:


Which obviously referred to the RapidStart-investmenst they did and are going to do in the future.. .

Anyway .. Erik Tiden, Dan’s successor said about Dan: “What a great man. I wished he made a few mistakes so I could correct them..”.


Furthermore, there were some demo’s that showed the functionality of the new version, Kitting, the client, server tools, Powershell, .. all those kinds of things.. . But let’s not go too deep into that now .. I’m sure that will be covered (may be not in this blog ;-)) during the next few days during the sessions.

My sessions

I also have some work to do here :-). Quite the same as Directions EMEA in Rome:

  • A session about “Tools”
  • A session about “PRS”

The session about Tools is going to be a “Chalk Talk” this time. I never did this, so don’t really know if I’m going to be any good at it. Anyway, I prepared some demo’s of tools myself, but the main idea I guess is that you talk, and I chalk :-). We’ll see what happens. It’s today (Sunday): “CT103: Useful Tools for Getting the Most out of NAV (Frank Lloyd Wright J)” at 2:30pm.

The other one is the session about PRS (Partner Ready Software) – quite the same as we (Gary, Mark and me) did on NAVTechDays a few months ago. It’s the last session tomorrow (Monday): “T109: NAV 2013 – Core Architecture Deep Dive (Frank Lloyd Wright B)” at 5:30pm.

You’re all welcome to join .. I’ll stop advertising here :-). Time for a shower and breakfast!


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