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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU10 – buggy CustomSettings.config

Just a small blogpost before I leave on a well-deserved (if I may say so myself) holiday :-). And it’s going to be a REALLY small one .. with one small tiny warning that my colleague came with earlier this week. The new CU has a wrong default CustomSettings.config file in the server folder (DVD:\ServiceTier\program …

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Setting up Project “Madeira” Preview (also when you’re not from the US)

The last few days (between the soup and potatoes (Flemish expression ;-)), I have been trying to set up a full blown environment on Project “Madeira”. Not easy, as I am not from the US, and this preview only got released in the US. And apparently, Microsoft is serious about that – like when I …

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Fix NAV2015 Administration Shell after NAV 2016 installation

You should read Arend-Jan’s blogpost first. He explains that after you install NAV2016 on a machine that already had NAV2015 on it, that it breaks the NAV2015 Administration console. Arend-Jan also provide a fix for this! A really easy one even. But he was also talking about “if you’re not a PowerShell guru” .. And …

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Get a specific Dynamics NAV Server Setting with PowerShell (a better Get-NAVServerConfiguration)

You might remember this blogpost: NAV 2013 R2: Powershell function to check if ServerInstance is Multitenant or not. It was a small tip on how to check a certain setting. Recently I was working on a script, where I needed some other serversettings, and looking back on the way I was doing the above .. …

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NAV 2013 R2: Backup and Restore

Since today, about 25 new “How Do I”-video’s were uploaded to youtube. This means.. video’s that were already available to partners, are now made available for everyone. As mentioned before, I have been participating in some video’s, including the one about Backup/Restore: How Do I: Backup and Restore in a Multitenant Environment in Microsoft Dynamics …

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NAV 2013: How to log in any database

When you’re a partner .. you deal with databases of your customers, right? At least – you should ;-). Usually, there is “some” security set up at the customers site. At least let’s hope so ;-). It might happen that you want to copy a customer’s database to your site, just to test, debug, do …

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Port Sharing with NAV2013

As you might know, installing NAV2009 isn’t painless. Or at least .. that’s my idea of it. The NAV-typical “beauty of simplicity” is hard to find… you have to do quite a lot to have it successfully installed: Use service accounts Set up delegation / registering SPN’s Handle the Query Notification …. What I always …

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