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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (1/3)

Directions EMEA has just ended .. and how great that was! Let’s see if I will come to writing up a “final thoughts” .. . That’s not for today. After some “Extensive-Extension-writing” recently, I wanted to put out my own thoughts. My first version was a very long blogpost. But since I just bothered you …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – what’s really new?

Hello from beautiful Prague at the second day of Directions EMEA. A while ago, I blogged about this slide, without giving too much deeper information: Well – let’s go deeper! But first a disclaimer.  While reading everything below, keep this in mind: a lot is still to be dived into… :-).  Why?  Well, I wrote …

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New Extension Videos for NAV2016

As we could see during WPC, NAV2017 is around the corner. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is not working on readiness material for NAV2016. Especially for the things that have been brand new, and need some attention. You know: Extensions. 🙂 A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work together with Microsoft on …

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Delete all records in table with C/AL – Truncate

Edited: added a “warnings” section below Did you ever have to empty a certain table entirely in NAV? Well, I admit, you don’t need to do this too often. And definitely not in a repetitive way. Well, I came across a situation where I needed to delete all millions of records from a table every …

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NAV Upgrade: Import and Compile crashes when NST is running

This is just a small blogpost to mention a few things you need to take into account when you’re working with objects on a large scale – I mean importing, exporting, upgrading, compiling, .. whatever. My scenario I was upgrading a customer from CU3 to CU8. Sure, you might wonder why it took me so …

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Invoke-NAVSQL: Execute SQL queries on NAV databases with PowerShell

Just another CmdLet to bother you with (no really, it’s quite an interesting one – try to keep awake … ;-)). The more you use PowerShell .. and the more you use it for NAV .. you just realize that you have to call out to SQL Server quite regularly. Just a few examples: Backup …

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NAV 2016: All Published Events

Blogging has been low lately. I have been insanely busy with providing content for the Cloud SureStep for Product Development on the DLP, which means: less free time :(. But .. Together with a brilliant colleague, I’m also working on an internal project: A code analyzer in PowerShell. Why in PowerShell .. well .. because …

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Apply-NAVDelta to add and remove customizations

Yep, PowerShell again. So the people that deny PowerShell can stop reading now :-). Although I do think this is quite an interesting blogpost on how to work somewhat more easily with deltas, by the use of a function that is part of my PowerShell Module, called: Apply-NAVDelta. I was actually just thinking after my …

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Export NAV Application Objects

When working with NAV, you’re familiar of working with objects. And nowadays, we have quite a lot of options, like: Fob file Text file Split text files Delta’s Reverse Delta’s … (more?) Depending on the situation, you might be interested in one of these kinds of exports – if not all. Now, I have been …

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Remove customizations with (Reverse) Deltas

I’m going to explain you a concept that is so simple that you’re probably going to react like: “dude .. come on .. you just totally wasted my time .. this is so obvious.. can’t believe you just don’t take this for granted”. But I’m still gonna. Just because of the fact that the concept …

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