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Video: How Do I: Setup the Job Queue in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

A while ago, I created a movie on How to set up the Job Queue. I decided to create this small blogpost, only to promote this video, as I have been pointing people to it the past few weeks, and apparently it helped them to get going 🙂 (which is exactly the purpose of the …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 VM Image available on Azure

This is cool! So useful! And already announced on the NAV Team Blog! And it’s for all MSDN Subscribers .. . May be first explain what that MSDN-thingy means… . Many partners have MSDN. At least partners that are a little bit serious in what they are doing .. being able to explore the new …

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New PartnerSource – Let’s start all over :(

*** UPDATE *** Please read the comments below. Microsoft is working on a solution for this! *** END UPDATE *** This weekend, Microsoft apparently decided to migrate PartnerSource to a completely new platform – I was told: based on Sharepoint this time.. . And I hear you thinking: FINALLY. I definitely agree: something needed to …

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SEPA Direct Debit Updates (FR, BE, IT and ES) are now available for “all” versions of NAV!

Until the end of December last year, SEPA Direct Debit was only available for NAV 2013 R2. Now, as you know, this version is quite new .. and it was somewhat more “urgent” to receive the objects for earlier versions – more common to existing customers ;-). Well .. since December 30th, these objects are …

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Dutch Dynamics Community Event – December 10th

A little bit of advertisement never hurts :-). On December 10th, the DDC (Dutch Dynamics Community) is organizing its next event. I really love the way they are handling stuff: really down-to-earth evening events with real content. And that’s what I expect from this event as well. Well .. I do have some of the …

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NAV 2013 R2 Released! (or at least downloadable)

A very short blogpost .. cause today, I have other things to do (which will become clear in the near future ;-)). Today, Per Mogensen put on facebook that he was downloading the RTM version of NAV 2013 R2 .. and also mentioned that BE was not among them .. to tease me(?). I read …

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NAV 2013 R2 Readiness

With all the upcoming blogs about NAV2013R2, ik makes sense to start with where you can start: what did Microsoft already foresee to get you ready for NAV 2013 R2? Well: there is a readyness page, like ther was for NAV2013. And you can find it here: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/training/news/MSDNAV7GettingReady.htm And you’ll see – it’s the same …

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NAV TechDays 2013

Directions EMEA is over (and there is much to talk about – since NAV2013R2 is bloggable now;-)). Directions US is coming, but I’m not taking part of that either – because of my son being born and such ;-). But what I AM going to take part of, is this year’s NAV TechDays on the …

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NAV2013R2 release date and more..

I’m not present at Directions EMEA at this moment, so it’s a bit info from second hand for me .. but nevertheless, there were a few great announcements, which I want to share as well. I say “as well” because other people have been doing that too .. :). Here you can find a great …

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I’ll be back

I realize I haven’t been blogging too much lately. It has a few reasons .. but only one very important and completely cool reason: In a month, my third son will be born (after two fantastic kids, I will have a third little waldo – can you imagine? :-)). When living in an old house, …

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