3D print Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Let’s start this year with something completely different. But before we dive in – I’d like to wish you all love, happiness, perfect health and all you want me to wish for you … for 2019! Let’s turn this year into a blast! Off Topic To start off the year – this is going to …

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To Hybrid or Not To Hybrid

“Hybrid development” is not a general accepted term in our world of “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”. The term Microsoft uses for this concept is “Side-By-Side” development. But in a way, I find that “Hybrid” does more “right” to the term:: combining old technology with new technology (like C/SIDE and VSCode, or C/AL and AL, …

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV Event Publishers Repository

Since quite a while, I have been willing to blog this tiny little, but very useful thing that I have been using more that I would have thought before I created it. What is it? Well, nothing too fancy .. just a Github repo with more information about event publishers on a few of the …

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NAVTechDays 2018 – Evolution of a titan: a look at the development of NAV from an MVP angle

In 3 days, it’s game-time again. THE best DEV conference for Business Central will take place in Antwerp: NAVTechDays – and I’m honoured to be a part of it again. But this year – it’s quite different, because I signed up for a challenge. This year, I’ll be joining Vjeko on stage for a very …

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System Information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Small tip – huge advantage – and one I forgot about until AJ reminded me of it yesterday: the “system information” page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centeral. An – as far as I know – undocumented feature, but one worth mentioning! When on Business Central, Microsoft will be deciding when a tenant will be …

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Application-wide system events (previously known as “Codeunit 1 events”)

You must have heard. Codeunit 1 is a goner! And if you have not heard it – you must have read about it. Because it has been on Microsoft Docks for a while, and also there was a blog that Microsoft spent on it. Well, before I managed to find these description, I was working …

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is released @ Directions NA

Your first reaction is probably – duh, I know! Well – I’m late, that’s true. At Directions North America, Microsoft announced the availability of the new version of Business Central – and I didn’t spend one single post on it. Until now. Reason is simple – I was quite busy at the conference, and I …

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Directions US – San Diego

When I write this, I’m on the plane to Frankfurt. No, that’s not where Directions US will take place – I will get my connecting flight to San Diego from there. And San Diego IS the place to be for the next week! Why? Because we live in exciting times when it comes to Microsoft …

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AL Code Analysis Rules (Diagnostic Descriptors) – Updated Again

I have been blogging a few times about the Diagnostic Descriptors we get when enabling code analysis. Well – yet again, we have new ones. But I’m not going to keep updating these rulesets, as Microsoft is now doing that on docs. So let me give you one more overview, and the resources to the …

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Business Central W1 Docker image with data

You probably know this. I just write this post because I didn’t up until today. I’m using Docker quite regularly (well, if you find “pulling an image twice a day” is regular) .. and I have been using mostly these two repositories according my needs (for more info, look here): “bcinsider.azurecr.io/bcsandbox-master” for the very latest …

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